A Call for Poems for the

International PEN Tokyo Congress Commemorative Poetry Anthology


  To poets who are members of an International PEN centre:

 We at the Japan P.E.N. Club are looking forward to seeing you at International    PEN Congress Tokyo 2010. In conjunction with this congress, the Japan P.E.N.  Club has asked its poet members to assist in the publication of a poetry anthology consistent with the congress theme of The Environment and Literature What can words do?

Kurdish PEN Center





  Rbaz destra navxwey ya PEN a Kurd


Temaiya w bixwne


  Chalakiyn wjey yn ku PENa Kurd ji roja damezrandin heta niha encamdayn...


Temaiya w bixwne


  Kampaniyn PENa kurd yn heta niha ji bo azadkirina endamn xwe ji girtgehan exhkence lisdaredan sazkirn...


Temaiya w bixwne



Japan PEN president`s Litter


Dear PEN colleagues and friends,


Everyone here at the Japan P.E.N. Club is very pleased to call for the participation of all PEN members in International PEN Congress Tokyo 2010. We will do everything we can to make this Tokyo congress a memorable experience for all of you.

This will be the first international congress held during the term of office of new International PEN president John Ralston Saul. The fact that this is the first congress to be held in Asia for quite some time is representative of the new and more global perspective in International PEN. Along with this congress, the year 2010 also brings a very significant milestone: the fiftieth anniversary of the International PEN Writers in Prison Committee.

This will be the third International PEN Congress to be held in Tokyo, the first two being in 1957 and 1984. Ever since the approval was received at the Bogota congress, all of our members have been working together on preparations to ensure that everything is ready for your arrival. Through the diverse initiatives of our members, we have been able to put together a full program.

The theme of this congress is The Environment and Literature What can words do? Under the premise that the entirety of nature is the environment within which writers work, our aim is to consider and discuss how we as writers can address this global-scale theme in our writing.

For the Literary Forum, the Japan P.E.N. Club has invited both world-famous writers and promising young writers to participate, and we have put together a program in which the audience will be able to come into close touch with the writers and their works.

Furthermore, through initiatives centered in our various Japan P.E.N. Club committees, we will be holding various seminars on issues and topics that are also being addressed by International PEN.

Our theme of The Environment and Literature will be pursued from a diverse range of perspectives in the forum and seminars as well as via exhibitions, movie screenings, and other events. This will be an open congress where issues related to PEN activities are considered by both PEN members and the general public.

I am also looking forward to engaging in many fruitful discussions and hearing a wide range of member opinions at the planned event titled International Conference: The Environment and Literature.


I am firmly convinced that in addition to serving as an excellent venue for interaction between PEN members from around the world, this congress will at the same time provide participants with wonderful opportunities to experience Japan and its natural environment, culture, and people.

I would like to ask for your support in making this International PEN Congress a success by attending and participating in the activities with us.

We look forward to receiving your participant registration.


May 24th, 2010




The Japan P.E.N. Club

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Navenda PEN a Kurd