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 The open letter to the President of the United States America



                                                                                                           DIJON le 01-04 -2008



                                    Sir  President George William Bush

                                   The White House

                                   1600 Pennsylania Avenue  NW Washington  DC 20500

                  Dear President George William Bush,


                   On behalf of myself, the Kurdistan  PEN the Kurdish people, the Kurdish intellectuals and writers of North Kurdistan, professor of the philosophy of science[1] , I greet you with my fellow  and Kurdish organisations allied with us, I send you greetings and respect and express some fears regarding a dark future for your policies in the North Kurdistan.


 Thank you celebrate the Day of Newruz ed in a universal sense in mentioning the people of Kurdistan, but your military ally Turkey and its army which persecutes this event for universal peace among people around the world. We believe that the nation of Kurdistan does not deserve this terrible genocide. Thank you so much Mr. President of the USA America we congratulate you because of your historic speech.


« New Year Calendar I send greetings to those celebrating Nowruz.  For the millions of people who trace their heritage to Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey[2], Pakistan, India, and Central Asia, Nowruz is a time to celebrate the New Year with the arrival of spring. This cherished and ancient festival brings together family and friends to reflect on what has come before and celebrate a season of new beginnings.


Our country is proud to be a land where individuals from many different cultures can pass their traditions on to future generations. The diversity of America brings joy to our citizens and strengthens our Nation during Nowruz and throughout the year.


Laura and I send our best wishes to all those celebrating Nowruz, both here in the United States and abroad. May the year ahead be filled with peace and many blessings[3]


The president of South Kurdistan Mr. Masoud Barzani[4] has celebrated the Feast of Newroz to Zaxo and he condemned the policy of the Syrian regime that the same policy apllique the Turkish colonial regime.


There are two Mr Sarkozy day before the British Parliament said «in these walls, in your walls, the modern political life was born. Without your Parliament, Parliamentary democracy did not exist in this form in the world. And through the  Parliamentary Practice born in those places, you have imposed as a parliamentary democracy  The best guarantee against tyranny.  The history of your institution, your influence Parliament today most of our  Contemporary political regimes. The affirmation of Parliament has been serving the  Protection of individual liberties is a lesson that you, the British, you provided  World. This Parliament, yours was the first in the world to obtain the results of democracy  Parliamentary who you are and that you represent the cornerstone of all our democracies.  This is where parliamentarians have gradually invented what a party, a platform and Finally a majority.[5]» But President Sarkozy has forgotten it was France and England which divided Kurdistan in 1916, the truth is that the misfortune of Kurdistan between the superpowers began formally this period. That is why this day on March 29, which is  the time for hanging our President  State of the Republic of Mehabad Kurdistan including the Minister of Defense was the Great General Molla Mustafa Barzani. Our president is hung avce the complicity of the Bolsheviks and  by  England.


                   We writers of Kurdistan, members of the French section PEN KURD in France we ask for your intervention with the Turkish authorities and  Syrian, Iranian to ensure that our Kurdish people can celebrate its National Day on Newroz. 2008. We ask you Mr. President your intervention with the authorities of Turkey and Syria and Iran  in accordance with the Constitution of the USA and the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that the right to self-determination of the nation of Kurdistan is respected under international law. In the history of mankind, intervention by the United States in alliance with the anti-Hitler coalition in the USSR  in the fight against fascism and German destruction of the regime of Saddam Hussein fasciste is identical and has a role ' historical. It is a victory for the USA, and for we writers of Kurdistan use of military potentiel USA and the UK in the fight against fasciste and colonialiste regime of Saddam is the fundament the Kurdo-American alliance in the particularity of the process Revolution of Kurdistan.


In your speech dated March 19 you said  Dear President G W Bush «Today, in light of the challenges we have faced in Iraq, some look back and call this period the easy part of the war. Yet there was nothing easy about it. The liberation of Iraq took incredible skill and amazing courage. And the speed, precision and brilliant execution of the campaign will be studied by military historians for years to come.

What our troops found in Iraq following Saddam's removal was horrifying. They uncovered children's prisons, and torture chambers, and rape rooms where Iraqi women were violated in front of their families. They found videos showing regime thugs mutilating Iraqis deemed disloyal to Saddam. And across the Iraqi countryside they uncovered mass graves of thousands executed by the regime.

Because we acted, Saddam Hussein no longer fills fields with the remains of innocent men, women and children. Because we acted, Saddam's torture chambers and rape rooms and children's prisons have been closed for good. Because we acted, Saddam's regime is no longer invading its neighbors or attacking them with chemical weapons and ballistic missiles. Because we acted, Saddam's regime is no longer paying the families of suicide bombers in the Holy Land. Because we acted, Saddam's regime is no longer shooting at American and British aircraft patrolling the no-fly zones and defying the will of the United Nations. Because we acted, the world is better and United States of America is safer;»

I fully agree, but this approach is valid for T Erdogan Abdullah Gul in Turkey for Ahmedn, edjat For Iran and Bashar al-Assad in Syria, contrary to your statement I think that the founding of an independent state of Kurdistan  is not a detriment of the People  Kurdish,,really no doubt the establishment of the State Independent Kurdistan is a total liberation for 40-45 million of the nation of Kurdistan. I congratulate you on my human  conscienne.

             Dear President  George W.Bush,


           The respect of Human Rights plays an important role and is interesting more and more people in modern societies. In the international sphere, the fact that Human Rights and democratic principles define the International Relations is a concept accepted by every society appearing as civilized.


          The international organizations are the arena of the discussions about the breach of the Human Rights which mostly are topical. Turkey , due especially to its illtreatment against kurdish people is often with other countries on the top of the list of the violation of Human Rights.

           Member of the United Nations, the NATO and the European Council, associated to the European Union, Turkey is less a democracy respecting the expression differences as it is a real european state. That's the reason for which the fight for democracy of kurdish people seems to be an impossible mission. After seventy years of persecution, after all these massacres, deportations, summary death proceedings, tortures and forbiddings , after the horrible consequences of the "special war" lead for more than ten years in Kurdistan, an improvment of turkish mentality during the very next years seems to be more and more impossible. In a such repressive turkish context, a nation needs courage to require its elementary rights.

           The fact that a few assimilated Kurds have some of the highest places in the bureaucracy ,- these Kurds who have given up their national identity as they are used to show pro-turkish nationalist ideas , more cruel then their masters- doesn't deny that regle. Though Ankara's officials claim that " any distinction between Turks and Kurds exist and that they have the same rights" seven members of Turkish Parlement, belonging to the Social Populist Party (SHP)were fired as they had attended a conference in Paris in 1989 about Kurdistan. In the whole history, there were 28 uprisings against central authorities and these revolts have been hushed up in blood. The Movement for Liberation National of the Kurdistan.

           During your meeting with Recep Tayip Erdogan on 5th November you announced that the PKK was the joint enemy of the USA and Turkey. On 8th January you repeated these words during your meeting with President Abdullah Gul. We writers of Kurdistan we have no confidence in the political ed your country for two raison. USA sold chemical weapons in Iran and Iraq, the CIA and the Shah of Iran have left our people in the hands criminals Saddam in 1975 and 1991In other words, it seems very logical to use the military potential of amaricains and British against the Saddam regime ed for democracy, but our ideal is to establish the independent state of Kurdistan we do not want to be co; loon other states Turkey, Iran and Syria including the USA.


              We surprised Sir President George W.Bush your offensive   Call Dana Perino Peter MacMahon. This person has no scientific knowledge about Kurdistan, it seems to me as a

person illiterate, despite a communication master How why she said that the PKK is danger to the USA? You can see that we are a nation of 45 million. This party has never pursued a strategy of armed struggle against the USA. It was NATO and the USA who helped the Turkish style and our to day  is subjected to genocide? The question that arises is what your spokesman Dana Periono[6] is for the genocide of the people of Kurdistan?


 What is your response to Mr. President that Kurdish children Cuneyt  tortured and bass broken by Turkish police? If it were your son or son of Dana Perino me what was your reaction, it is a member of the PKK? If not, why these crimes geurre? Crimes against Humanity why your government has not condemned these crimes colonialist Turkish state?


In truth I am not a member of the PKK, but there is a scientific and sociological reality, I am a philosopher born in the region of North Kurdistan in Dersim, on the order of Mustafa Kemal in 1937, 250 families in the side of my Mother Meleka Hemede Silemani tribe of  Demenu twere killed and burnt with the gas and 52 children were shot and three people in my family were hanged and is a scientific and academic responsibility to write to you in behalf of the writers of my country in the name of my people.The PKK is a political party with the most popular support in Kurdistan and everywhere where Kurdish people live. The PKK is a people's movement and at the forefront in the Kurdish struggle for freedom. By declaring the Kurdish struggle for freedom 'terrorist' you are not only insulting the Kurds but you are also putting them in opposition. The consequence of this is not only the negative effect it has on the USA's already tarnished reputation in the Middle East, but it is also in conflict with US interests. By adopting this stance, you are becoming the collaborators of Turkey's policies of assimilation and annihilation which are implemented through the most inhumane of methods such as torture, forced migration and genocide.

The Kurds are not and do not want to be enemies with the USA. The Kurds, just like any other people, want to live freely in their country. The PKK is the defender of these rights.

Also, we simply cannot understand on what foundations you are basing your claims. The PKK, in its thirty year struggle, has never targeted a single American citizen or American interests. On 17th November, your assistant to the Foreign Secretary Matthew Bryza, in a statement made to the Turkish Press, acknowledged that 'the PKK had not attacked a single American, and declaring the PKK an enemy would only put us at risk'.

You, as good as anyone else, must know that the Kurdish problem is a historical problem awaiting a solution; you know that it is not merely a terrorism or security problem, you know that it is a struggle of a people that have not even been given the most basic of rights and it is a struggle for very existence. I would also like to remind you that your current position only condones the gridlock seeking militarist approach of the Turkish State which can only mean further loss of life..

Over the past week our people in Kurdistan North participations with millions of citizens with the deputy of the Party of the Company democratie__DTP celebrated the Feast But today but; the Turkish security forces have attacked the civilian population, hundreds of Kurds are hospital; women and children, the elderly are beaten. We believe that we Kurds we have the right to freedom of expression entitled to the right to life communication on our homeland occupied and colonized by your driveway State of the Republic of Turkey. In the cities of Van, Siirt, Hakkari, Urfa; Dersim, Semsur; Batman, Diyarbakir demonstrators were subjected to attack Turkish military forces. The Turkish military forces have fired on the population. Fatma Kurtulan; deputy . The Turkish military forces have attacked the people, and have prevented battered women and Children. The  is state terrorism against the Kurdish people.

ANF News Agency ANF News Agency


President of the European Parliament POTTERING, the European Commission and the Belgian government sent their congratulations to the Kurdish organisations for celebration of the Kurdish New Year Newroz.. EU congratulated the Kurdish Newroz[7]

Representatives of the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Belgian government sent their congratulations to the Kurdish organisations during the celebration of the Kurdish New Year Newroz in Brussels yesterday.


Photo: EU Parliament Service


Among the EU representatives who sent their congratulations were: the President of the European Parliament Hans-Gert POTTERING, the President of the Walloon Parliament Jose HAPPART, the Vice-President of the European Parliament Luisa MORGANTINI, the Members of the European Parliament Alain HUTCHINSIN, Jean LAMBERT and Van Hecke JOHAN, the Vice-President of the European Commission Franco FRATTINI, the Federal Minister of the Foreign Affaires Karel de GUCHT, the Flemish Minister of the Public Affaires Pascal SMET, the Belgian Senators Elke TINDENMANS and Sabine de BETHUNE, the federal deputy and president of the City Council of Hasselt Hilde VAUTMANS.


The Kurdish New Year Day is called Newroz, which means a new day. It coincides with the beginning of the spring – 21st March, and its celebration marks the affirmation of the Kurdish national identity and freedom. Newroz has been forbidden in Turkey until the beginning of 1990s when the president Turgut Ozal, who was with half Kurdish origin, declared this day as “Turkish holiday called Nevruz”. The Turks accepted Newroz as Turkish “Nevruz” after that more then hundred civilians have been killed during the Newroz celebration in 1992.


On 21st and 22nd March 2008 several hundred thousand Kurds celebrated Newroz in many Kurdish cities, but also in Turkish cities as Istanbul, Izmir, Adana and Mersin. Several hundred people have been arrested during the celebrations; many ten of them have been injured by the security forces in Van, Siirt and Hakkari. One Kurd has been reported to killed.  

 On Newroz day Kurds in the cities of the Northern Kurdistan and Turkey gathered in the squares for the celebration of Newroz. It was cleberated in most of the Kurdish towns and cities and Kurdish populated Turkish cities. The most brilliant Newroz undoubtly was in Amed. In Amed, hundred thousands of people gathered and they cried for “Autonomous Democratic Kurdistan’, amnesty for DPT [8] and political prisoners and a democratic political solution for Kurdish issue. The second greatest Newroz celebration is going to be held on Sunday in Istanbul which has a large amount of Kurdish population.” [9]


« Dozens were injured and 300 detained Saturday as police used truncheons and tear gas to break up violent Kurdish protests in several Kurdish and Turkish cities, police and media reports said.[10]

Three officials from the Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) were among those detained on charges of provoking the unrest.


In the town of Van intervention by the Turkish military has caused death 3 injured 3 ,arrestations 1000  Kurds.

During the celebration of the fete a young 20 years was wounded by a bullet to his chest; has died and 20 people were placed in custody. The three wounded Akbaþ Selim, Raif Ýren ve Savaþ Babalýtaþ were transferred to the hospital in Van and the governor refused permission to celebrate the festival of Newroz


30000 people have blocked the highway between Hakkâri and the city of Van
The body of Zeki Erinç was buried in Van with the participation of 30000 Kurdes.A Gewer military forces have buried a militant Kurdish without asking the opinion of this decision famille.Contre of 60,000 Turkish military Kurds have demonstrated against this practice and Kurdish people took the body of the victim was buried with the presence of deputies of the Party of Democratic Society.
          These demonstrations in  Dersime by participations  10000 personns in the presence of deputy Serafettin Halis in  Cemslig to 15000 people in the presence of deputy  Yurtsever; to Colemerig presence in the deputy  Mr hamid   Geylani with 20000 people in  Siirt 10.000; Akin Birdal  and Osman Ozcelik; in Patnos  10000 by  Pervin Buldan in Mus 30.000; in Ceylanpinari 15.000

31%of Kurdistan land remained under water dams and because of this situation 9000000 Kurds have left the Kurdistan to the metropoles as Istanbul. More because of the war more than six million Kurds have left Kurdistan. It is a policy of humanisations of Kurdistan. For this reason, in the city of Istanbul over 300,000 took part in the Fete de Newroz and the picture justifies this reality.



 300.000 Kurdes in Manifestion  Istanbul

' Nevruz'da þiddet günü

It is a crime planned and committed by the State Turkish and a  massacre of a civilian population who wanted to peacefully celebrate a festival millennium. But the Islamic government of the AKP and the Turkish Army NATO member has committed crimes guerre. The is  these of the  massacres committed and  Izzet Belge member of the Central Committee of the DPT stated that "if the governor had allowed for the celebration Day there will not be evenments. We are facing attractions. Without warning the security forces we have  the victims there are deputies and politicians; women; children and the elderly. We must punish the post of gouverneur and diretor of national security. First Minister and Minister of the Interior must resign from their positions. Because the governor has committed a crime planned.

In the City of Izmir, Turkey metropole of Izmir where the Kurdish people were deported by the regime faciste Turkish 30000 demonstrators have lived moments of the terrible savagery of Turkey. Image decrès desr justify the persecution of the Kurdish people was the objet. The Turkish state terrorism poses to the State of the Republic of Turkey colonialist who forced deportation and massacres exile unacceptable.


Manifestation in  Izmir                  and                 1000000 Kurds in Amed _ Diyarbakir-Major Baydemir


In the city of Amed (Diyarbakir) Capital Kurdistan North over one million (1000000) have célebred  the Day of Nrwruz  and the Kurdish mayor of the capital of Kurdistan Osman Aydemir greet the Kurdish people in joy claimed the democratic national rights of the People of Kurdistan North, which are conforming to the International Law under the United Nations declaration of 1960 which provides for the right to grant the colonial peoples. Because Kurdistan is a colony international divided; shared between colonialist states of Turkey, from Iran and the Iraq and Syrie









The young Kurdish Ikbal Yasar who killed by the Turkish forces secrité first was buried by the security forces contrary to the tradition and customs Kurds. This situation has put the people angry Kurdish Yukseova of which 60,000 Kurds have manfesté and took the body of the martyr and buried with tradition and Kurdish on this topic Kurdish deputy to the Turkish Parliament Mr  Hamid Geylani made a speech at Yukseova where the security forces have attacked the civilian population eont broke the doors of houses and injured were removed from hospitals and tortured

Millions of people attended the Newroz Celebrating in Kurdistan this year. Kurds gathered to celebrate the Kurdish new year, which is traditionally celebrated on the 21st of March. The celebrations continued not just in all four parts of Kurdistan , but also in many cities across Europe , as well as other countries where there is a significant Kurdish population. Women and men dressed in traditional Kurdish clothing, chanting anti-war slogans and calling for a peaceful solution to the Kurdish question.


In Turkey Beþir Atalay, Internal Affairs Minister of Turkey held a meeting with the DTP ( Democratic Society Party) management. Here he assured the management that problems would not arise at this years Newroz Celebrations. Despite this there was a lot of bloodshed in several cities. According to the DTP and Human Rights Organisations, the attacks organised by the state system.

Newroz celebrations were banned in many cities , with no valid explanation of the bans given. There were major conflicts, particularly in Van , Siirt and Hakkari. There was a lot of damage and destruction caused in these cites as a result of police force and intervention. In Van , the video images showing police violently attacking women were particularly disturbing. Ikbal Yasar (20 years old ) was killed by Turkish police in Yuksekova District of Hakkari. Zeki Erinc (35 years old) was also killed by Turkish police in Van. Hundreds of people were left injured , the majority from gunshot wounds. 800 people have been arrested until now , and police operations continue. Those who were arrested were beaten and subjected to various torture methods.


The public celebrated the Festival of  Newroz peacefully in the cities where the police did not interfere. The Turkish State continued to deny the Kurdish existence by placing bans on the Kurdish New Year celebrations. The Baath dictatorship in Syria , and Iran  the AKP government in Turkey are responsible for the conflicts and killings at the Newroz celebrations.


In this respect, we condemn the violent actions of the Syrian and Turkish governments , and once again emphasise the need for peaceful solutions through dialogue not force. We call on democratic bodies for international action in solidarity with the Kurdish people in their struggle for democratic rights and freedom



The former US President, Bill Clinton met with the president of Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria and AKFL Chairman Mr. Sherkoh Abbas in Bowling Green, Ohio to discuss the issue Kurdish issues and the Turkish incursion into Kurdistan.


On February 24, 2008 in Bowling Green, Ohio the president of the Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria and the Chairman of America-Kurdistan Friendship League met with President Bill Clinton and asked him to intervene and to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict by encouraging dialogue among Turkey, and KRG. Furthermore, he asked President Clinton to help in the establishment of American Bases in Kurdistan to protect the Kurds from Iran, Syria, and Turkey.  President Clinton said that Senator Clinton has a plan for establish temporary base in Kurdistan to protect the Kurds and Turkish PM expresses to him that they do not oppose such plans. Also, he mentioned that Kurds of Iran, Iraq, and Syria are important allies for the US in the region.












Kurdistan President Slams Syrian Regime For Killing Three Kurds


The President of Southern Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, has condemned an incident in which Syrian security forces killed three Kurds. The incident took place in Qamishli in Syrian-occupied Kurdistan on Thursday night when a group of Kurdish youths were celebrating Newroz.

Qamishli is the capital of the Western  Kurdistan region in Syria. "An argument between the demonstrators and Syrian police in the Kurdish city of Qamishli developed into a shooting on Thursday evening," the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said in a statement.

"We strongly condemn the killing of the innocent people in Qameshli. These people were just celebrating the beginning of their new year and had committed no crime," Barzani said Sunday in a statement, cited by AFP. The Kurdish leader called for an investigation on the deadly incident, urging Syrian President Bashar Assad to "punish the perpetrators of the crime."


The Syrian army has moved some 10,000 soldiers into five cities in the country's northern, Kurdish-dominated region, following violence over the weekend, which left three people dead. The killing occurred during celebration of the Kurdish New Year - Newroz - in the city Qameshli close to the border with Turkey, according to several local news sources.

Some 10 percent of the Syrian population is Kurdish but, despite this, they lack any political influence and the Kurdish language and flag are both banned. Following a population census in 1962, the Syrian government stripped some 20% of the Kurds of their citizenship in an effort to Arabize the population, claiming that many of the local Kurds had infiltrated the country from neighboring Turkey and Iraq.

The effect of the census left the Kurds, who had lost their citizenship, stateless, despite the fact that many of them fulfilled the demands set out by the Syrian government such as being born in Syria. Residing in Syria also meant many lacked the possibility of gaining citizenship in another country. The Arabization policy was part of a larger movement that swept the Middle East during the 1960s and '70s that promoted regional cooperation based on a common cultural heritage.


We know that  Dear President G W BUSH , The United States condemns the attack on the Kurdish Syrian population by Syrian security forces that left three civilians dead and others severely injured in the northeastern city of Qamishli following the March 20 Nowruz celebrations. We call upon the Syrian government to refrain from using violent measures to repress Kurdish civilians and to open a full, independent investigation of the incident.


- A Syrian[11] court has sentenced four Kurds to prison terms of up to 10 years on charges of seeking to annex parts of the country to a separate state, a human rights group said on Monday."Hamid Suleiman Mohammed and Adnan Muwaymesh were jailed for 10 years and Ibrahim Haj Yussef and Ahmed Hassan Habash for seven," the National Organisation for Human Rights in Syria said in a statement.[12]

The state security court convicted the four of "seeking through their actions, plans or writings to break away areas of Syrian territory so that they can be annexed to an independent state."The four were arrested in March 2006 after taking part in a demonstration in the town of Afrin, north of Syria's second city of Aleppo, on the eve of celebrations for the Kurdish new year holiday of Newroz.They were originally accused of attacking a security force patrol in the town, which lies in the heavily Kurdish region of Kurd Dagh, the rights group said.The state security court also sentenced two suspected Sunni Islamists to two-year jail terms for "inciting communal and ethnic tensions."

 For Dr Cewad Mella,President of the Parliament of Kurdistan Western  in exile  on March 20, 2008, the day of Newroz, Assad's Dictator Regime killed three and injured and arrested many Syrian Kurds in Qamishli[13] without any warning, the police opened fire at the peacefully celebrating crowd. Although there had been women and children among them the shots were fired arbitrarily in the Kurdish city Qamishli in Syrian-occupied-Kurdistan (we received short film shows the way of killing the Kurds). While the world is paying attention to what is happening in Tibet, the Syrian Regime is killing innocent civilians.. The Kurds have responded with protests in various areas of Western Kurdistan, which has led to further increase of security and moving thousands of military forces to Aleppo, Qamishli, Hasakah, Kobani and Efrin.We at the Western Kurdistan Government condemn the violence and the new massacre of Syrian regime on the people in Western Kurdistan and demand the immediate withdrawal of all Syrian forces from Western Kurdistan. We demand a full investigating from the UN, the EU and the USA.We are wondering; why the world supports human rights in Tibet when at the same time a fascist regime as Syria has a free hand on killing Kurds!! HumanRights are universal: What is good for Tibet is also good for Kurdistan.We expect from the United Sates, European Union, and the rest of the free world to remove the Syrian regime from power, the second Baath regime, to takeserious measures in democratizing the country so the both main nationalities in Syria, Arabs and Kurds, could enjoy freedom and equality with two federal governments for the Arabs and for the Kurds. At the same time we would like to encourage the Kurdish people in Syria to doeverything in their capacity to obtain their natural right of self determination and to ask for referendum as the peoples of Kosovo and Montenegro.[14] Assad's Dictator Regime killed three Kurds in Qamishli .

The Syrian authorities have arrested in recent days five Kurds, which the writer Ahmad Mohammad Moustapha, said Monday the Committees for the Defence of Democratic Freedoms and Human Rights in Syria.  "The security services in Aleppo (north) arrested Saturday Moustapha writer Ahmad Mohammad, alias Pir Roustem and confiscated his laptop, books and personal papers," asserted the committee in a statement.[15]  In addition, the security services in Damascus Thursday arrested four Kurds, brothers working in a sewing workshop, "said the press release.  "The arrests of Jomaa, Ahmad, Mohammad Amin and Abdel Aziz Hamdo, because they are probably sewed costumes Kurdish folk," the statement added.

The committees' denounce arbitrary arrests of Kurds who have merely exercised their freedom of expression guaranteed in the Syrian Constitution, "and asked the Syrian government to" release them immediately. " They expressed their "deep concern at the omnipresence of security services in public life in Syria," added the press release. Three Kurds were killed Thursday evening in Qamichli in north-eastern Syria, during clashes between Kurdish demonstrators and the Police Federation, said Friday a leader of the Kurdish Party Yakiti Syria.

"The Syrian police opened fire Thursday night on the Kurds who celebrated Nowrouz (Kurdish New Year) in the light of candles and singing, killing three and wounding four others" among the Kurds, told AFP that manager who requested anonymity.

The head of the banned Kurdish party, which is Qamichli (680 km northeast of Damascus), was contacted by telephone. He noted that the funeral of the three persons had already taken place, in a calm, adding that mourning was declared in the community and that the ceremonies for the new year had been suspended. Syrian The Observatory for Human Rights (based in London) said for its part in a statement that "a group of young Kurds celebrated Nowrouz (...) when the dispute escalated between demonstrators and Police who fired, killing three and wounding five others. " The announcement, which identified the victims, called the president (Syrian) Bashar Assad to intervene quickly to stop this kind of killing in cold blood against defenceless son of the Syrian people, in order to avoid a massacre even more important than Qamichli. He also called for bringing to justice those members of the security forces responsible for the "killing". [16]In March 2004, clashes between Kurds to the security forces or to Arab tribes had broken out Qamichli, before spreading to the neighbouring regions. These clashes were 40 deaths in six days, according to Kurdish sources and 25 according to an official.


A procession of Kurds, headed by the leaders of the Kurdish movement in Syria, was headed Friday morning to the al-Hilalya cemetery for the funeral of the victims, according to the leader of Yakiti. The representative in Damascus of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Abdel Razzaq Taoufic, told AFP that such incidents were "caused by young people to create disturbances before the Arab summit" scheduled from 29 to 30 March in Damascus. According to him, there were four deaths.


Finaly for interpretation the Club of  Pen Basque “The Kurdes in  Syria  celebrate  the fourth anniversary of the uprisinh og Qamishli its own “ intidada” Sunday  was a very special day for those who gatrhered at the only  theatre Dohuk (South Kurdistan).                                                                                                                                                                                             Finaly,Club de PEN Basque ,« The Kurds in Syria celebrate the fourth anniversary of the uprising of Qamishli, its own "intifada" Sunday was a very special day for those who gathered at the only theate of Men and women entered on separate doors, but, unlike other times, once inside they sat down together. It was striking that very few of the attendees filled his head with a veil and that many vistieran jeans and other Western clothing court. Those who packed on Sunday, the stalls were Kurds from Syria refugees in South Kurdistan. Celebred the fourth anniversary of the uprising of Qamishli: "intifada" of Kurds in Syria.   The stage is flanked by two giant portraits of Mustafa Barzani, the historic leader of the Kurds in the region where they have sought refuge. There are also two banners: "The lifting of Qamishli is the victory of our people".


A boy about 20 years dressed in traditional Kurdish clothes presents the event. After reading aloud letters arrived from all sorts of associations, gives way to a succession of speeches, all in the hands of various personalities from the KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party), but one of a Kurd from Syria who thanked the party Barzani hospitality. Interventions are strung one after another, and after a while, the little ones are beginning to mourn. The rest of the family draws pictures with the mobile, and applauds timidly after each speech.[17][18] But the environment is encouraged with the staging of a small play. A group of three men and three women, representing all the Kurdish people, looking for a place to spend the night. On the right, a man sitting at a table does "receptionist" from heaven to the left, from hell. The Kurds on both wonder if there is room for them. Following denied asylum to both, go to the public: "We are the Kurds, 40 million people, and we have no where to go." [19]


         We know the policy of the USA in support of South people of Kurdistan as was explained by Karim Nadjmaddin; President of the Institute of Kurdish Washington

President George W. Bush has argued for a new strategy in Iraq that will concentrate on providing security for Baghdad and its diverse religious and ethnic population. Although this change in the American military approach has been long overdue, it alone will not be enough to stop the violence in Iraq -- nor will it bring home U.S. troops any faster.

There is no doubt tha t the Iraqis must step up to the plate in order to achieve a sustainable and stable democracy. The new plan, however, must coincide with a political strategy, one that accepts the reality of a country torn apart by its past and present.”


             As know Mr President The US Department of State’s yearly Country Report on Human Rights Practices, released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor on 11 March of this year said that “the government generally respected the human rights of its citizens; however, serious problems remained in several areas.”
On February 24, 2008 in Bowling Green, Ohio the president of the Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria and the Chairman of America-Kurdistan Friendship League met with President Bill Clinton and asked him to intervene and to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict by encouraging dialogue among Turkey, and KRG. Furthermore, he asked President Clinton to help in the establishment of American Bases in Kurdistan to protect the Kurds from Iran, Syria, and Turkey.  President Clinton said that Senator Clinton has a plan for establish temporary base in Kurdistan to protect the Kurds and Turkish PM expresses to him that they do not oppose such plans. Also, he mentioned that Kurds of Iran, Iraq, and Syria are important allies for the US in the region.




Within the first three months of 2008, 136 Kurds have been killed, imprisoned, or disappeared in Iranian Kurdistan Since the start of the year 2008, 2 Kurds are reportedly executed, 3 sentenced to death and 7 are randomly killed by the security forces of the regime of Islamic Republic, among the killed a 17 years old teenager. The Islamic republic of Iran has increased its oppression against the Kurds in Iran.  Human rights violation against the Kurds in Iran has been part of the clerical regime tyrannical culture during the last three decades.  Since the installment of Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejad as the regime’s president in 2005, the violation of human rights in Iranian Kurdistan has escalated to a new level.Within the last 3 months, at least 43 people are detained for unknown reasons, 3 people are sentenced to death, 2 are executed, 7 people are randomly killed, among them a 17 years old teenager, 3 injured, and at least 26 people are questioned; furthermore, 16 students are questioned by the university discipline council. Overall 23 people sentenced to prison, whose verdicts are between 6 months to lifetime. Two people have been sent to exile, 11 people are condemned to various lashes and 20 million IR (2000 euro) penalties. In last three months a Kurdish NGO was closed down by the security forces and 2 Kurdish weeklies were closed down by the clerical regime.

 Iranian Artilleries Resumes Bombarding Border Villages of Kurdistan Region [20] This evening the Iranian artilleries resumed bombarding the border villages of Kurdistan region including Rizgah, Shinawa, Spigle, Maraud and Arke in Pishder district, Sulaimani province, PUKmedia correspondent reported from the scene. Meanwhile unidentified warplanes have been patrolling over those areas’ air spaces and at about 08pm Thursday the Iranian artilleries once again bombarded those villages, our correspondent added.No casualties were reported, but the local citizens fled for their lives. A Japanese organization, the UNHCR, and the IRC opened a refugee camp to the displaced people of the areas, PUKmedia correspondent said as well.


Iran bombed the region of Kurdistan South








Unfortunately, Iran’s defiance to the international community especially in regards to its nuclear program has shifted the attention of the world community from the increasing violation of human and national rights of Kurdish people in Iran and other parts of Iran. Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan calls upon the international community to pay more attention to the ongoing violation of human rights in Iranian Kurdistan and all of Iran.[21]

The Islamic Republic revolutionary court sentenced 7 Kurdish detainees to 3 years imprisonment in the Kurdish City of Baneh, eastern or Iranian Kurdistan, according to the communiqué issued by the Kurdistan Democratic Party –Iran or KDPI on Tuesday.  Mr. Sadiq Amin Nejad, Saman Rasoulian, Abdollah Ranjbari, Kaveh Hassani, Mohammad Bahrami, Rastgar Mesgari and Mohamad Amin Ghaderi were sentenced to various imprisonment terms for participating in demonstrations against the Islamic Republic, the communiqué stated. "They acted against National Security, disturbed general order and participated in covert meeting," according to their verdict. They, according to the communiqué, are condemned to one year communion jail and two years unconditional jail. The victims were participating in a general demonstration on April 8, 2005 in city of Baneh. They have been held under captivity since their detainment following the demonstration. In the same demonstration, the communiqué reveals, 3 Kurds were also killed by the armed forces of the Islamic Republic.[22]


                      Concluding the viewpoint of a sociological and historical approach
  State policies colonialists Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria to respect the Kurdistan ls are memes and the same. Throughout history these States have collaborated militarily politically against the independence of Kurdistan. We note in the simple facts in the practice of a festival of peace these policies have been realized. The question is, is that the United States will continue America on the old policy based on Mr. Kissinger report Mr James Baker that we criticized last year. One thing is certain, and on Mr President George W Bush whether you agree or disagree with our proposals for the independence of our country, our nation and our people we will continue fighting unconditionally and for national independence; political and economic Kurdistan for political unification of Kurdistan and to found a state of Kurdistan unification. .C is our historic spot for us writers of Kurdistan you explain our truth. The rest is a matter of human history that we assume our responsibility. We will win because we are right historically. We explain the facts.




            Dear President G W Bush,

 For Amnesty International There were continuing reports of fatal shootings of civilians by members of the security forces. The usual explanation for these killings was that the victims had failed to obey a warning to stop, but such killings often demonstrated disproportionate use of force and in some cases may have amounted to extrajudicial executions. There were concerns about Article 16 in the revised Law to Fight Terrorism which failed to be explicit that lethal force could only be used when strictly unavoidable to protect life. There were fears that Article 16, which permitted the "direct and unhesitating" use of firearms to "render the danger ineffective", could further hinder thorough and impartial investigations into shootings by members of the security forces.

Members of the security forces continued to use excessive force during the policing of demonstrations. Demonstrations in March in Diyarbak¹r, to mark the funeral ceremony of four PKK members, escalated into violent protests. Ten people, including four minors, were killed, eight of them from gunshot wounds. Many demonstrators and police officers were injured. Investigations into the killings were continuing at the end of the year. The demonstrations spread to neighbouring cities; two demonstrators were shot dead in the town of Kiziltepe, a stray bullet killed a boy aged three in the city of Batman, and in Istanbul three women died when a bus crashed after being set on fire by demonstration .In September a bombing in a park in Diyarbak¹r resulted in 10 deaths. The perpetrators were unknown.»[23]

         One area has been an increase in reported cases of torture and ill-treatment. It was emphasised that security forces have carried out extrajudicial killings and that most of those responsible have been left unpunished.   The report also described conditions in prisons as “poor, with problems of overcrowding and insufficient staff training.”

            The report continued, “Law enforcement officials did not always provide detainees immediate access to attorneys as required by law. Some government and military officers at times undermined the judiciary's independence, and the overly close relationship of judges and prosecutors continued to hinder the right to a fair trial. Excessively long trials were a problem.”

          The 2007 country report cited information from the Human Rights Foundation (IHV), the Human Rights Association (IHD), the Asssociation for Solidarity with the Oppressed (Mazlum-Der), among others on human rights violations.

              There was criticism of the continuing application of Article 301, articles protecting the memory of Atatürk and the Anti-terrorism Law, all of which, so the report, led journalists and others to practice self-censorship:

           “Individuals could not criticize the state or government publicly without fear of reprisal, and the government continued to restrict expression by individuals sympathetic to some religious, political, and Kurdish nationalist or cultural viewpoints. In some cases government officials prosecuted individuals who had displayed no intention of criticizing or insulting the government or Turkish state."

            "Active debates on human rights and government policies continued, particularly on issues relating to the country's EU membership process, the role of the military, Islam, political Islam, the question of Turks of Kurdish and other ethnic or religious origins as 'minorities,' and the history of the Turkish-Armenian conflict at the end of the Ottoman Empire.and by Mustafa Kemal,realised

              "However, persons who wrote or spoke out on such topics, particularly on the Armenian issue, risked prosecution. The Turkish Publishers’ Association reported that serious restrictions on freedom of expression continued despite legal reforms related to the country's EU candidacy.”
                  As for academic freedom, the report said that “there generally were no government restrictions on academic freedom or cultural events; however, university authorities suspended one academic who publicly supported views contrary to the official state ideology and there was some self-censorship on sensitive topics.”[24] “Every intellectual Kurd’s opinion anywhere in the world considered this period as a new era in Kurdish politics. They had all been predicting that this time was not like any other time in the history of Kurdish politics. This time the USA was on the Kurds’ side and they would not let the Kurds down. The Kurd intellectuals were correct for a while; however things changed.

            The situation changed in a way that the USA took Turkey’s side over Kurdistan even though Kurdistan has been the only ally inside Iraq in this last war. The new strategy by the USA is not because of Turkey’s considerable progress in industry as compared to Kurdistan. It is not also because Turkey is an active member of NATO and has a modern army.

 They have to calm Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Syria down. They have to calm Turkey down by no longer supporting a strong Kurdish region in Iraq. Four years ago the USA would have turned down Turkey’s plea to enter Kurdistan, because Kurdistan was considered a democratic place and because the Kurdish nation was in support of their regional government.

          -Dozens of people were injured and many others arrested Saturday in several cities in Turkey, the police have used truncheons and tear gas to control demonstrations pro - Kurdish media reported.[25]

            In Van a city in Kurdistan  in the east, riot police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse about 30000 protesters, who had built barricades, lit fires and smashed the windows of shops and institutional buildings, media reported. In this city the Turkish security forces have attacqué the Kurdish civilians who wanted to celebrate the Kurdish new year, killing one woman and wounded hundreds of Kurds. Turkey does not respcte human rights and libertzés fondamantales Kurds. Under pretext of the situation and military strategy, which Turkey is a colonialist state and transformed the Kurdistan impérialiste a North hell in the open. I think that the USA doient act against this policy of discrimination that has already racist practices of genocide of Armenians peoples Greeks Assyro  Chaldeans and Kurds.

The Kurds of Turkey Newroz benefit usually demanding greater rights and display, for many of them, their support for the PKK, fighting since 1984 the Turkish forces.

In a press conference he held yesterday after a meeting with Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Ralph Gonsalves, Erdoðan said DTP officials had recently demanded to meet with him to discuss the Kurdish issue. "As the prime minister of the Turkish Republic, I cannot have talks with the DTP unless they designate the outlawed PKK a terrorist organization," he said.

Noting that he had assigned one of the deputy chairmen of the ruling Justice and Development Party's (AK Party) parliamentary group and one deputy prime minister to have a talk with the DTP officials, Erdoðan said the two met with DTP parliamentary group chairman Ahmet Türk
“You know, I have always had sensitivity on this issue. The DTP refuses to call the PKK separatist group a terrorist organization. I told the DTP officials that I would not hold talks with them if they insist on this refusal,” said Erdoðan.

Emphasizing that the PKK is listed as a terrorist organization internationally by a number of states and organizations, including the US and the EU, he said as prime minister, he cannot accept a political party refusing to call this group a terrorist formation. “The DTP is not the representative of Kurdish citizens in eastern and southeastern
Turkey, as they claim,” he noted. While it is Mr Erdogan  which has hosted home of the Taliban and that is Mr Gul which funded al Qaida when he was in the leadership of the Islamic World Bank

Erdoðan maintained that his government had made considerable investments in these regions in the last five years and refuted allegations that it was planning to make investments worth $12 billion in the Southeast in a move to gain victory in the upcoming local elections.

DTP parliamentary group chairman Türk, on the other hand, said Erdoðan’s remarks would “bring no good to the country.” Türk also noted that such statements would increase tension among the public.

“Our party has endeavored to overcome the problems the country has recently been experiencing. We have done our utmost to this end. During our meetings with President Abdullah Gül and Parliament Speaker Köksal Toptan we emphasized that Turkey needs social compromise,” he said.

Saying that Erdoðan’s remarks will trigger a new wave of discussion in society, Türk noted that heavy responsibility falls on the shoulders of the country’s prime minister to ensure peace at home. “We are aware of our responsibilities. We are aware of our public’s demands and sensitivities. But the leader of a political party does not have the authority to say whatever he wishes,” stated Türkish.[26]

Dear. President  George W.Bush


The USA and finance  The European Union and militarised  Turkey. The year she received assistance from 16 milliards December dollars for Modernizing and finance  the Air Force. Turkish State has utilised  this potential military action against the resistance of Kurdistan which is not a terrorist resistance, which it has not used military means against the interests of the USA. In this connection the analyses of the CIA and the Pentagon's personnel are completely erroneous. We are fighting for our independence conter state and colonialist Turkish impérialiste, Iran and Syria. Our struggle is legitimate and consistent with the international driur. The politic the USA in this direction is against the right to self determination of the nation's Kurdistan.En a word, the United States will not participated in the crimes of genocide by the State imperialiste Turkish. And 52 of NATO  on our territory. The question that seeks among Turkish USA then all the riches are fundamental to the land of Kurdistan. It's our oil, our water and our mines. Turkish army has used so long 300 billions of US dollar in war against Kurds since 1984. The information has been confirmed earlier by the spokesmen of the Turkish government Cemil Cicek.




Mr President G William Bush

USA and EU fear for Kurdish-Turkish war…The United States and the European Union fear a prolonged military campaign inside Iraq would raise the risk of serious clashes between Turkish and Iraqi Kurdish forces and also undermine the fragile U.S.-backed government in Baghdad. U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said earlier that Turkey's campaign would not solve its problems with the rebels and urged Ankara to take political and economic steps to isolate the PKK. However USA is the biggest supporter to the Turkish army with its military intelligence and wapens.  The civil war between Turkish army and Kurdish-PKK guerrilla has coast around 30-40,000 live since PKK launched its armed struggle in 1984.

            The truth is that the United States in the latter brought his your military aid and technological co-operation with Israel. Your Chief of Staff came to Turkey has focused its military support. This justifies the direct involvement of the USA in the war against the people of Kurdistan. Under the archives of the Turkish General Staff I present evidence Vice Chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff, General James Cartwright, and Multinational Force - Iraq (MNF-I) Commander, General David Petraeus, met with General Ergin Saygun, Deputy Chief the Turkish General Staff today in Ankara at TGS HQ. The meeting was a follow-up to the November 5 meeting between President Bush and Prime Minister Erdoðan in Washington. The three discussed critical issues of mutual concern including Iraq, continued cooperation in the struggle to defeat our mutual enemy the PKK, and enhanced intelligence sharing.»[27]     «  Commander of the U.S. European Command, General Bantz Craddock and the committee along with him visited Commander of the Turkish Armed Forces, General Yaþar Büyükanýt at Turkish General Staff headquarters today (24 November 2007)., The issues of the Turkish-US cooperation in the joint fight against the terrorist organization, PKK, including enhanced intelligence sharing were discussed during the visit. This meeting was a follow-up of the November 5 meeting between Prime Minister Erdogan and President George Bush in Washington and of last week’s visit to Ankara by General David Petraeus and General James Cartwright. »[28] Not only the USA, but also NATO and with the collaboration of all the universities and scientific research centers were available to the Turkish armed forces against the people of Kurdistan.


« It is of importance to closely follow and evaluate scientific and technological developments in the fields of defense, aviation and space, and relate them to operational environment in the light of long-term assumptions. In this context, various NATO and bilateral defense research and technological project activities are conducted in cooperation with national public/private organizations on the basis of the “International Armaments Research and Technology Activities Administration System” in compliance with the Planning Programming and Budgeting System (PPBS). 

1.   Evaluations regarding TAF’s missions and operational requirements are performed through “Technological Panels” set up within the National Defense Ministry.

2.   In odd years, National Defense Applications Modeling and Simulation Conference is held to determine the new modeling simulation (MODSIM) needs, define technological level reached in decision support, training and MODSIM systems used in Research and Development period and contribute to the creation of new cooperation fields; in even years Defense Technologies Conference are held with the participation of R&D experts from universities and other related organizations in Defense and Technology fields as well as representatives of the demanding organization to discuss national R&D management techniques, educational requirements and related scientific studies.

3.   In order to develop defence-oriented modeling and simulation systems;

      a. In 2000, the Middle-East Technical University (ODTÜ) -TSK Modeling and Simulation Practicing and Research Center (MODSIMCEN) was set up,

      b. In 2001, the Technical University Ýstanbul (ÝTÜ) -TSK Modeling and Simulation Laboratory (MODSIMLAB) was established.

4.   In defense field defined as the prioritized R&D area during the 10th meeting of Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Council (TÜBÝTAK) and Supreme Board of Science and Technology, the works commenced regarding the TAF Strategic Goal Plan and Ten-Year Procurement Program still continue.

    CNAD was established in May 1966 to improve armaments and defense research cooperation within NATO and to develop common armament and research projects based on common requirements. CNAD is one of the subcommittees of NATO’s Defence Planning Committee subordinated to the North Atlantic Council. It consists of the national armament representations of NATO nations. CNAD’s organizational chart is shown in Figure-1.»[29]

       The Turkish army generals who are actually running the Turkish estate behind the scenes have influenced the Turkish Parliament to decide on 17th October 07, on the name of Turkish people and their governments, to violate the sovereignty of Iraq by crossing its border.

After the unsuccessful wide ranged attacks of the Turkish army launched with most recent arms technology during the recent years, they have started an even wider attack on Friday 21st February 08 violating again the sovereignty of Iraq by attacking Kurdistan.  

The Turkish regime attacked this time with 100,000 troops, tanks, artillery and war planes with most recent technology violating again the borders of another neighboring country and thus once again ignoring all the international agreements while the whole international community and the democratic forces are watching but almost turning a blind eye over what Turkey is doing apart from few voices asking them to withdraw.

It has been few days that the Turkish army is targeting the areas with civilians' populations and damaging roads and bridges in Kurdistan and thus damaging its infrastructure. By doing so it has become apparent that the intention of the Turkish authority is not only PKK but the destruction of our people's achievements in South Kurdistan as declared by few Turkish army and authority sources through media channels recently.

The Turkish military attacks and their regime's hostile attitude do not only bring war and destruction on our people but attacking all the values of humanity.

We at the Kurdish PEN Centre call upon all the democratic free forces in the world to stand up for the values of humanity and try to put an end to ugly attacks of the Turkish regime and its army against our peace loving people.

There should be equality among all cultures of the nations of the world, thus, killing, destroying, and attacking those wanting to preserve, promote and practice their culture are attacks against the values of humanity in general.

The Kurdish nation like any other nation in the world has the right to live freely on its land Kurdistan to practice its culture and live peacefully with its surroundings.

The Kurdish PEN Centre is therefore calling upon the progressive freedom loving forces in the world, the United Nations and all the PEN centers and the head office through Writers in Peace Committee of the International PEN Writers to condemn the attacks of the Turkish regime and their army generals.

Dear. President  G William Bush we kindly ask you to intervener with the Turkish authorities and Syria; Iran  to stop the aggression against the Kurdish people, respect fundamental rights of the nation of Kurdistan and find our previous report demonstrating that since 1994 until this day nothing has changed in Turkey and in Syria.

 America-Kurdistan League urges the US to stop Turkish occupation in Federal Kurdistan and call Turkey for dialogue to solve the Kurdish question in Turkey[30]  The America-Kurdistan Friendship League (AKFL) condemns Turkey's shelling of the Kurdish Villages and crossing into Iraq's northern Kurdish region in a bid to crack-down on Kurdish rebels who are battling Ankara. It condemns any violence in the region and urges Turkey to adopt a peaceful and political approach to resolving the Kurdish question within Turkey. Furthermore, we call upon Turkey to pull out its troops from the Kurdish Region immediately. The AKFL urges the US administration and the world community to put an end to maintaining the status quo or ignoring the Kurdish question in the Middle East. The AKFL considers any comprehensive peace deal in the Middle East to be destined for failure if it does not address the Kurdish issue. It is now necessary to address the fate of 40-45 millions Kurds living in the region at the same intensity as that being provided to other nations.


In my open letter to Mr. Lord Russell I wrote that

« in your report you attract "attention to the cultural situation of 25 to 30 million Kurds living mainly in the mountainous area where Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey meet, and which constitute one of the largest "stateless nations" in the world. " Excuse me Mr. President Lord Russell-Johnston, but your argument about "mainly mountainous region" is a concept that has been used by your compatriot A. Tonybée the guest of Mr.  Mustafa Kemal and Hitler. The reduction of the situation of the nation of Kurdistan in the same way as "Gypsies" bears an affront to the honour and dignity to my people and my nation. Because, the nation of Kurdistan is not part of "nations stateless "in the world." means that the Kurdistan as a country, are Royaume Uni in the same way and that to France and you know very well that Kurdistan was divided between the Ottoman Empire and Persia in 1639 shared by the Sykes-Picot Treaty concluded in 1916 between British imperialism and french. It seems to me that with a few "Gypsy" Kurdish - french, allemads, sudeois "around you that you are infringing at the honour, to the dignity of my country and to my nation of Kurdistan. Therefore, is essential before the European Court of Human Rights 
.The cultural status of Kurdistan has nothing to do with "Gypsies in Europe" with the Yiddish "or" minority in Romania csango "The question of Kurdistan, is not a cultural issue or minority, it can not only may not deduct a nation of 45 million to minority status in an established territory larger than France, the same level as Gypsies other minorities in Europe that I do not deny the rights of Gypsies human realities of these populations "appatrides "in the world. But the solution to the national question of Kurdistan has nothing to do with the rights granted to" Basques, Catalans, Scots, Lapps, South Tyroleans or Walloons. "People of Kurdistan, more than 45 million e souls, the people most in the Middle East that has been shared, colonized in 1916 by imperialism french and English. My people have been massacred by Mr. Kemal, head of the fascist Turkish state. final analysis the question of nation of Kurdistan is not a minority, is a matter of national independence, a matter colonial and national, international, which can be resolved with the implementation of the declaration in accordance with Article 1 of the Charter of UN and the declaration of December 14, 1960 which provides for the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples. These statements are at the service of the Turkish State colonialist. save your spot Sir, Lord Russell, enforce the principles of international law, but not to the nation of Kurdistan at the same level as Gypsies. Because Kurdistan is a colony. Second, "the United Nations Charter, declared resolved to reaffirm their faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small, and to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom»”[31]

The Turkish army invaded (Zap) region placed in defensive Medea region in South Kurdistan  [32]

We consider that in those circumstances the Kurdish resistance is a legitimate right and is in accordance with international law for the right to self-determination.

As a result of the great resistance showed by our combatants, the Turkish army had been defeated and the operation which was supported by international sides was extremely failed, they were forced to withdraw from Zap after seven days of bitter hits. We published all the details and the facts acquainting our people with what happened during the operation according to our abilities and the hard circumstances.

Washington Post had the chance to be in the battles area in Zap , the journal covered the great resistance of our combatants and published remarkable pictures of the enemy's losses ,other news media centers came to the region and reported the scenes of our resistance .
Obliged by our ideological method and our responsibilities toward our people, we immediately announced the fall of nine of our combatants as martyrs.

They rest in peace in official ceremonies in the presence of the journalists and reporters.
Because of the war exceptional circumstances and the air raids we couldn’t shroud all our martyrs with the flags of our party, which doesn’t mean at all any reduction of the sanity of the martyrs and martyrdom .But ignoring the journalistic values and moralities the Turkish media exploited the pictures published by the Washington Post and misstated the truth to hide their army's defeat their news are mere lies far from credibility.

As we preceded the independent journalists of Washington Post participated in ceremonies and they witnessed the facts .

Our Kurdish people should be aware of the truth and be careful not to fall in the trap of enemy's press lies. This press is controlled by the chief of general staff and Turkish intelligence. Our moral values not allow to hide our martyrs but to announce them immediately because they are source of proud and power that inspires us, and we declare them with much proud and dignity, unlike the Turkish army which denys his killed soldiers , and claims that they passed away in traffic accidents ,drills and thunder strikes .[33]

 Last warning to village guards: They will be specifically targeted if they become a part of the dirty war implemented by the Turkish army.

 The people's war against the Turkish Army colonialist and the strategy and tactics of the military forces of the resistance of Kurdistan.

Besides the airstrikes against the Medya Defense Zones, the preparation of the Turkish state for a land operation continues. In addition to reinforcing its forces in South Kurdistan, the Turkish state is preparing its forces located in Bamerne, Kanimasi, Amediye and Þeladize.The mobilization in Hakkari, Sirnak and Siirt regions is remarkable. Besides tank, artillery, and helicopter reinforcements, troops have been reinforced.

In meetings that took place in Siirt, Sirnak and Hakkari, the village guards have been ordered to join the operations. The use of village guards in warfare remains the policy of the Turkish state. In such meetings, the attitude of the village guards is important. Our movement's policy toward the village guards is known. Several times we have mentioned that village guards must not be a part of the war. For this purpose, we legislated several amnesty laws

.By obeying the leadership's call, we have worked hard not to target the village guards and not to let them be part of the war effort. We had several calls. In previous years we were extremely cautious not to target any village guards. However, given the stage that we are in, it will be obvious that they will become targets if they join the operations.

Village guards who participate in land operations against our positions in South Kurdistan will be targeted. Village guards who participate in the operations will be as equally responsible as the Turkish state. The chiefs of village guards who incite other guards to participate in these operations will be specifically targeted. We do not want any guards to die; we do not want their families to suffer. However, if they participate in the operations, they will be punished severely.

No Kurds must become tools for the Turkish state's game. Land operations mean the deaths of thousands of troops. Village guards must also see this fact and not become a part of this dirty game for their sakes and their families' sakes.Village guards, who previously received amnesty after our leadership's call, will be considered guilty if they participate in operations. Therefore, they will be punished severely for their crimes.Village guards must know that the Turkish state could not achieve any result in 30 years: it implemented countless operations with hundreds of thousands of soldiers, airplanes, tanks, artillery, helicopters. Did they achieve any result? No! It is known that they will not achieve any result again. Then why should you die? Why leave your children as orphans? If the Turkish state can come against us with its army, let it come. Do not be a part of it. Stay in your village with your family.We emphasize that the village guards must not accept the Turkish state's demands, oppression, or blackmail in order to participate in operations. If they participate, they will have to bear the results[34].

Total amount of operations: 484
Operations[35] from the Turkish Army: 472
Operations from the Turkish and Iranian Army in the area of Kelares*: 12
Total amount of clashes in these operations: 419
 In November, the operations[36] of Turkish army against our guerrilla forces, in spite of cease-fire process, continued with the aim of destroying, and many contacts and clashes happened in these operations.Our guerrilla forces, who were in self-defence against Turkish operation forces, sustained its cease-fire against provocative and operations which have the aim of destroying.
Numbers from the war balance:

*Happened contacts : 25

* Turkish soldiers killed : 23
-Officers : 5
-Soldiers : 18

*Our guerrillas who have been slave : 2

* Martyred HPG[37] guerrillas : 9

HPG's Commandership[38] Headquarters published the ceasefire balance for October. The ceasefire balance includes numbers from clashes with both the Turkish and the Iranian army.

Numbers from the ceasefire balance:

* Turkish military operations: 42

* Clashes during these operations: 23

* Turkish soldiers killed: 12

* Martyred HPG guerrillas: 8

* Also 3 HPG guerrillas lost her lives by the clashes in Katolil and Esendere, in the village of Erbila with the Iranian army.

 Details of the confrontation:[39]

Last warning to village guards: They will be specifically targeted if they become a part of the dirty war implemented by the Turkish armyBesides the airstrikes against the Medya Defense Zones, the preparation of the Turkish state for a land operation continues. In addition to reinforcing its forces in South Kurdistan, the Turkish state is preparing its forces located in BAmerne, Kanimasi, Amediye and Þeladize.The mobilization in Hakkari, Sirnak and Siirt regions is remarkable. Besides tank, artillery, and helicopter reinforcements, troops have been reinforced. In meetings that took place in Siirt, Sirnak and Hakkari, the village guards have been ordered to join the operations. The use of village guards in warfare remains the policy of the Turkish state. In such meetings, the attitude of the village guards is important. Our movement's policy toward the village guards is known. Several times we have mentioned that village guards must not be a part of the war. For this purpose, we legislated several amnesty laws.By obeying the leadership's call, we have worked hard not to target the village guards and not to let them be part of the war effort. We had several calls. In previous years we were extremely cautious not to target any village guards. However, given the stage that we are in, it will be obvious that they will become targets if they join the operations.Village guards who participate in land operations against our positions in South Kurdistan will be targeted. Village guards who participate in the operations will be as equally responsible as the Turkish state. The chiefs of village guards who incite other guards to participate in these operations will be specifically targeted. We do not want any guards to die; we do not want their families to suffer. However, if they participate in the operations, they will be punished severely.No Kurds must become tools for the Turkish state's game. Land operations mean the deaths of thousands of troops. Village guards must also see this fact and not become a part of this dirty game for their sakes and their families' sakes.Village guards, who previously received amnesty after our leadership's call, will be considered guilty if they participate in operations. Therefore, they will be punished severely for their crimes.

Village guards must know that the Turkish state could not achieve any result in 30 years: it implemented countless operations with hundreds of thousands of soldiers, airplanes, tanks, artillery, helicopters. Did they achieve any result? No! It is known that they will not achieve any result again. Then why should you die? Why leave your children as orphans? If the Turkish state can come against us with its army, let it come. Do not be a part of it. Stay in your village with your family.We emphasize that the village guards must not accept the Turkish state's demands, oppression, or blackmail in order to participate in operations. If they participate, they will have to bear the results.[40]

HPG's Commandership Headquarters published the war balance for September. The war balance includes numbers from clashes with both the Turkish and the Iranian army.

Numbers from the war balance:

* Turkish military operations: 66
* Turkish and Iranian military operations: 3

* Clashes during these operations: 41

* Turkish soldiers killed: 64, of them 8 Turkish officers and 2 village guards.

* Turkish vehicles destroyed: 19

* Martyred HPG guerrillas: 13

* Confiscated materials: 4

* One soldier (Kurdish origin) were killed by the Turkish army.

-Concerning the recent aggression of Turkish army into Iraqi Kurdistan Region, a spokesman from the office of Kurdistan region president issued a statement which bellow is a full text: [41]

"On days of 21th and 22th February, 2008, Kurdistan president, Mr. Masoud Barzani paid a visit to the Kurdish province Duhok. During a meeting with relevant administration and military officials of the area, and following being informed of borders situation and discussing latest development subsequent to Turkish assaults into Kurdistan Region , it shed light on the point that Kurdistan region will not side either Turkish or PKK fights.

"But any aggression against a citizen of Kurdistan region or any settlement, the necessary order has been made for a whole defense and for this aim full readiness has been taken as well." The statement said.

"Now we are doubtful about the real intention of Turkish attacks which aims at Kurdistan Region not PKK, otherwise the destruction of those bridges locates in depth of reconstructed areas and being used by citizens what do they have link to PKK.?" HPG guerrillas shot down Turkish Cobra helicopter  According Popular Defense Forces Kurdistan (HPG), they have brought down a Turkish Cobra helicopter during first days of Turkish army occupation in Federal Kurdistan.The attack to Turkish helicopter take place in Zap region in Federal Kurdistan region. In a press release, HPG informed that the helicopters were bombarding guerrilla bases. To counter this, a group of HPG special force guerrillas in white camouflage under the cover of brought down Turkish Cobra helicopter. Turkish army first deny the news but later after video and photo show from HPG had to accept the they lost a Cobra helicopter and 3 Turkish officers has been killed after the HPG attack.  The Turkish Army has lost many helicopters during the long war with Kurdish guerrilla in Turkish part of Kurdistan region. [42]

Liberation forces and the legitimate fight of the kurdish people abolished the taboo over the kurdish question . Since 1984, once again, the Kurds have been taking up their duties and asserting intensively , with all their forces, their national identity. In that period of time, one could believe that the kurdish problem would be solved, that question waiting for an answer for seventy years. The late president of the Turkish Republic , Mister Ozal claimed:"For seventy years, this problem is poisining our political life" and called to bring the recognizing of the kurdish identity.Consequently he made a public debate in which the different solutions to that question. - with respect of the state's frontiers and the democracy- were topical.

In March 1993, the Movement for National Liberation of the Kurdistan,suggests an unilateral ceasefire. Ozal wants to take measures for the dialogue and the peace. Unfortunately, he couldn't have enough time to bring these measures to real life since he died.

After Ozal's death , things have changed and the hope of the dialogue and peace vanished.

Following after Ozal, Miss Ciller chose the oldest policy according which "There were neither Kurds nor kurdish problem in Turkey. There is only one problem; terrorism to be eradicated with steadfastness." She will give her agreement for military operations in Kurdistan.

          The political parties founded by Kurdish delegates were forbidden and became targets of the Contre-guerilla forces' terrible attacks, making 74 victims among the national or local leaders.

          Miss Ciller did have no difficulties for claiming such things, because the Turkish Constitution and its laws express such things very clearly. There's still in Turkey a system of "jure" and "de facto" which denies the identity of kurdish people.

             This denial is not only political , it is naturally part of a sevent-year old tradition. As a brief study of the turkish juridicial system can show; since the declaration of independence and the republic, laws have been prepared without any weakness points and any chance for Kurds. Special laws prevent the Kurds or those with a kurdish identity from having the fundamental rights and being free.


Of course neither the Constitution nor the penal code use the word "Kurd" and at the same time, kurdish nationality and kurdish identity                                                                                                                                                                                             are the words used against those who threaten the national and territorial integrity of the state.

Turkey ignores agreements and international treaties.In addition to its refusal for recognizing the existence of kurdish people, Turkey is unable to warrant conditions of life conforming to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. That appears clearly when we compare the Turkish laws with international Conventions. Moreover a comparison between the international law and the turkish national law show that the turkish government has a racist policy of assimilation against its kurdish population. That kind of poliey seems to exist only in Turkey.

Despite these facts, the turkish state is keeping on claiming to the whole world that the Kurds are under any pression in Turkey, that they are not a minoritary population but real citizens. These shameless lies are declared to the whole world. By that lack of respect and with such a denying, noone may discuss or accuse the turkish government unless paying that insult with his life.

The citizen of Turkish extraction has all the rights recognized by the turkish national law and the international law: the right for an education in turkish language, the right for creating political parties or to be a member of these parties, the right for expressing his thoughts in turkish language through the means of communication as the television, radio or the press. The citizen of Kurdish extraction, in fact, has no other right than becoming silent and saying that he's turkish.

Such a judicial systeme with such huge injustices never existed except in the dictatorships and totalitarian regimes. Depite its iniquitous judicial system, its totalitarian constitution and its restrictive legislation against individual freedom, Turkey is yet a part of the democracies ` concert.

Being aware of the summary and totalitarian system of this country, some governments and some of the International Organizations are still going on accepting Turkey as a democracy and keeping relations on the political, eceonomical and military spheres whereas they should ban it. These ones, by such policies, are doing nothing else than supporting the turkish policy of dehumanization and extermination against Kurdish people in Kurdistan. Regarding the gravity and urgency of the situation, if any coercitive measures are not taken rapidly against Turkey in order to stop the war lead by this state in Kurdistan, it can balance off and put in danger the peace in a region which is allready fragile. A general scorching or more can then be expected.

II°)The victims of the war....

North-West Kurdistan has been the fighting field of a pityless war for eleven years now. This war which never stopped to grow is admitted by the turkish press (which doesn't hesitate to support clearly the turkish army in that war), by the President of the Republic; by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Internal Affairs as it is by the Chief of the General Staff.

In spite of such a recognizing, it is very important to underline the fact that Turkey still refuse to comply with the Geneva Convention of 1949 and the additional protocoles of 1977 concerning the war prisoners and the civilians in opposition to The Movement for National Liberation                                                                                                                                                                                             which has been enforcing these rules since the first years of this war.

Eleven years of war mean eleven years of distress, of sufferings and misery for the kurdish women. These years were the years of rapes, imprisonments and tortures. Such a horrible and unbearable situation is found in a few miles from the Western societies, who preferred being tolerant against the terror policy of the Turkish State.

During these eleven years of war, thousends of Kurds were imprisoned, among which three thousend of intellectuals, writers, reporters, researchers and trade-unionists. Some of them were killed by the Death­Squadrons.

Villages were burnt and depopulated. More than five million Kurds were obliged to the exodus and other thousands - among which women and childres-, were crowded in concentration camps.


A°) The situation of women....

Women in Kurdistan are one of the important targets of the "special war" . She's the victim of military operations , bombs and mines. She's at the saea time one of the victims of concentration camps.

The fact that the kurdish woman became the principle target of the turkish State is far from being unsignificant. She was chosed because she's the symbol of honnor in the kurdish society.

With the growing importance of the Fight for National Liberation, the military regime , by choosing women, was trying to push the Kurds to apathy and resignation.

It is hard to give the right number of raped women, but in order to humiliate the kurdish woman and the Kurds in general, the rape was the favourite weapon of turkish soldiers.

With such abominable and vile crimes, the soldiers, the policemen and the torturers were acting freely conforming to the fifteenth article of the antiterrorist law; any suite can be engaged against the members of the police patrol.

Another reason which explains the turkish attacks against the kurdish woman is that she gives life. So the medical teams sent to Kurdistan try to stop the births by sterilisation practices, the same as those used by nazi doctors on jewish and tsigane women during the Second World War.

The woman is also the principal victim as she stayed alone in cities, villages and concentration camps in order to assume the responsabilities of a whole family. The medical structures are fast non-existent. There is no medical aid in neither refugee camps nor in shantytowns -which don't stop growing with the whole refugee flows.­

The kurdish woman has no medical aid during her pregnancy , no medical aid during the labour (see document number 1). It is very important to remark that a great number of women have a breech presentation because of the violences and brutal methods of turkish militaries, so the babies die. (see document number 2)


Kurdish families who were obliged to be exiled in kurdish cities like Diyarbakir, Bingôl or Van and in turkish metropoles like Istanbul, Adana or Aydin, are living under precarious conditions.

Generally they arrive in shantytowns and try desperately to live in wood huts or in very little old plastic tents. They have neither water nor electricity in these places. Unable to bear nomore such a catastrophical situation, these families expressed by thousends their wishes to go back and live in their natal villages. But these wishes can only be carried out if some emergency measures are taken rapidly in order to stop that "dirty war" which has made until today thousands of victims.

B°) Destiny of the children....

The children are said to be the future of a nation. Can we promise a future to the children in a context of war? If yes, what kind of future can this be? We shall be more watchful concerning their education in that context of war as in a normal time in order to prepare them to the future.

In Kurdistan, there's after all a high rate of infantile mortality, which is the result of the lack of medical care during the pregnancy and after the labour. The children benefit from no medical aid. This situation brings a great number of infantile afflictions which give a higher rate of infantile mortality. Concerning the children who survive despite all the lacks and diseases, they live with the permanent stress afflicted by the war.They usually grow up alone with their mothers because their father has been killed or imprisoned or fled to Europe or in other cases had joined the kurdish Resistance.This make the children aware of the responsabilities in a very young age. A 11-12 year old boy becomes also the chief or the man of his family and replaces his father. He begins to work as a labour in workships, buildings or factories.

Another consequence of the war is the decline of the scholarship in Kurdistan. It's true that kurdish children had never an education in their own language and the schools teaching in turkish language are the best places for the official ideological propaganda.


Somehow the children could learn how to read and how to write. Nowadays most of the schools are closed and those, who still are open, are used as military barracks. Therefore one can nomore provide schooling to kurdish children.

So in order to control the kurdish children, the turkish state has taken new political measures.

They consist on sending the children in internal schools directed by military leaders or in religious schools which are in fact real centers for brainwashing. The children sent there are carefully chosen. According to the general law, they are coming from families near to the kurdish Resistance. The goal of such proceedings is of course to assimilate and make them more turkish as the Turks themselves in a short period of time. Formerly the Ottomans were doing the saine thing against Christian children in order to convert them into Islam.

The effords engaged in that policy by Miss Ciller are very significant. In fact, while Miss Ciller uses against the West the Islamic threaten in order to put the kurdish question in the second rank of the discussions, she allows the development of coranic schools on the other hand.

The kurdish children are sent there against their willings in order to follow a coranic teaching. Consequently a great number of orphans of the war are pushed towards the fundamentalist terrorist groups. The Hezbullah, the fundamentalist part of turkish Secret Services,became a specialist of recruitment of kurdish children.

As it can be remarked, the consequences of these eleven years of war are particulary significant on children. Therefore as far as the governments­said to be democratic- will go on regarding their own interests as much more important then a fight for freedom and the respect of Human Rights and providing Turkey for weapons, the kurdish children are bound to undergo the brutalities and sufferings of this war impressed on kurdish people against its own willing.

The kurdish children are killed by american weapons, crushed by german , french or english panzers, and tortured with the materials produced in Switzerland or in the Netherlands.


By supporting in this way, such a state which openly jeers at the Human Rights and which commits barbarian acts and crimes against the humanity, these countries stand as guarantor for Turkey and consequently become its complices.

Taking it into consideration, it is also important to underline that though the effords of the institutions and kurdish organisations in different european countries, any serious and concrete measure has been taken until today by the competent international organisations. If they could fulfill expertise reports on the area, they would have see the gravity of the situation and the real damages on kurdish children.

As such a mission is one of the abilities of a prestigious and credible organisation such as the UNICEF, we are convinced that this one could take the initiatives in that way in order to define the emergency needs of kurdish children, in order to compensate the damages or to decrease their consequences and anticipate the others.

C°) The attacks of the state against legal kurdish organisations , the institutions, the political parties and dissident persons.

The parties, the newspapers, the organisations for Humans Rights, the trade-unions, the scientists and the writers who are trying to make the kurdish voice heard, are the victims of the democratic platform , the most touched by turkish extermination policy.

They draw the international public opinion attention on the violations of Human Rights, they keep their close relationships with international organisations and refuse the state's military policy for the kurdish question, requiring a political and democratical solution and applying for the Brotherhood between the kurdish and turkish peoples.

1°) Ozgür Gündem and Ôzgür Ü1ke:Voices of the Fight for Democracy, Freedom and Brotherhood.  Opposed to the policy of turkish authorities and read by a great number of Kurds, the daily newspaper Ozgür Ülke, published in Europe, in Turkey; in Kurdistan, followed the newspaper Ôzgür Gündem. This one, founded in May 31st 1992, stopped its publication on April 14th 1994, due to the pressions and attacks against it. However, two weeks later the newspaper Ozgür Ülke began to be edited , following the same objective as Ôzgür Gündem.

These two daily publications were aiming at informing the public opinion about the violations of Human Rights in Kurdistan and in Turkey, in a general way, about the military actions of the turkish state in Kurdistan, as the social, political and economical situation in Turkey and in Kurdistan.

They fought to create a democratic climax in Turkey, to make the turkish and kurdish peoples live together in equality and to make the democratical, political and social rights of the kurdish people recognized and admitted. Both defended the freedom of press expression, the democracy and the universal principles of Human Rights. That's why in Turkey and in Kurdistan, they became symbols of these principles.

Notwithstanding they had to pay hard their attachment to such principles. Nine reporters of Ozgür Gündem and Ozgür Ülke were killed by contre-guerilla forces. Three persons were kidnapped , one was injured, five distributors and nine salesmen were killed. There were (as it still exists) police-operations in the offices of the newspaper and the personal were arrested, tortured. This newspaper , the favourite of Kurds, and whose printing number is normally over one hundred thousend(100000), can't arrive till the farthest cities of Kurdistan and the salesmen in metropoles who have it, are regularly followed by police forces. Those, who buy it despite all these difficulties are classified in files.

Somehow, despite all the pressions and impediments , the state couldn't impress silence to the reporters of Ôzgür Ülke. In front of their resistance and determination , the turkish state is choosing other methods, more radical and at the same time more cowardly. On December 3rd, the offices of the daily newspaper in Istanbul, in Ankara and in Adana, were the targets of a serial of devastating deadly bomb attacks.

On the occasion of the murderer attacks on December 1994, one could learn that 157 daily publications among the 164 published since April 26th 1994, had been grasped by turkish justice. On August lst 1995, two reporters of Ôzgür Gündem ,                                                                                                                                                                                             Nazim BABAOGLU are still reported missing.


2°) Pressions of the State against the Defense Organisations for Human Rights.

The Human Rights Organisations are the targets of the turkish attacks too. They inform the public about their rights and are caring for both the situation of prisoners their families and victims of torture. IHD (Association for Human Rihts) publishes a magazine                                                                                                                                                                                             every month about the violation of Human Rights and keeps contacts with international institutions. The turkish police patrols carry out regularly military operations in IHD's offices. The police forces submit such organisations to a constant observation , threaten them permanently and arrest or kidnap the militants or members. Some have been killed. On February 1993, the corpses of the President of the IHD, Metin CAN (lawyer) and Hasan KAYA (doctor), members of IHD, were found under a bridge in Dersim. That was the same case concerning the corpse of  Yusuf TALAN , disappeared during November  1997 of the same year in Dersim. Yet are the activities of Defense associations for Human Rights in Turkey really impossible. The Turkish Republic wants, with such proceedings, to hide the massacres and killings from the international public opinion.

3°) Imprisonment for offence of thought.

During the last years, the writers and the intellectuals had their part among the measures taken by turkish authorities againt the kurdish people. The Law Court for State's Security judged and sentenced them to imprisonment and imancial penalties. Some of them are still judged with death penalty. With that behaviour, the turkish government puts in jail the expression of the thoughts from past and future concerning the Kurds. They accuse the writers with "terrorïsm" and "separatism" , with "betrayal" and judge them according to the clause n°3713 of the Anti-terrorist Law. Every assertion for democratic and legitimate rights are regarded as crimes by these Court Laws for State's Security. So it is important to know if somewhere around the world, there exist writers who can't write. These courts have been judging for a longtime writers researchers and scientists as Dr. Ismail Besikçi, Dr. Haluk Gerger, Dr. Fikret Baskaya and Ibrahim Guçlu


Moreover a great number of reporters have been sentenced to imprisonment or financial penalties. The estimated number of Kurds in prison nowadays is over 10000. This number is fourth time more important as the number of Kurds arrested during                                                                                                                                                                                             the military regime on September 12th 1980 The Kurds in prison are from all the social classes (students, intellectuals, peasants, members of Parliament,politicians). Apart from inhuman actions against the prisoners in jail , they are judged according the clause n° 125 of the turkish penal code (Anti-terror Law) by the Law Court for State's Security, founded by special laws in order to protect entirely the regime. For more than one year, the Kurds have been contesting the sentences delivered by these Courts, since they are not able to study legally a proceeding. Their functionment is wholy against the international laws. One of the practices of the turkish government in prisons is the attacks conducted by military forces against the prisoners in Diyarbakir during the last days. On October 4th 1994, two prisoners were killed and 71 were severly wounded during that military operation. A great number of prisoners were sent to prisons of Turkey, far from those of Kurdistan.

4°) The turkish State kills kurdish businessmen.

The official announcement of Tansu Ciller on November 4th 1993, the turkish Prime Minister , in Holiday Inn is as follows: " We have the list of kurdish businessmen who support and help to the PKK. Our goal is to try up the financial springs of the PKK, we will fight firmly against these businessmen. " Savas Buldan, husband Pervin Buldan Kurdish députy  of the Party of Democratic Society in the Turkish Parliament,Medet Serhat; Musa AnterKurdish lawyer and writer with 56 Kurdish journalists




The consequences of eleven years of war in social and political spheres are catastrophical. In fact, being a model for the Developing Countries till recent years, Turkey is today in a very difficult economical crisis because of the high costs of the war investments in Kurdistan. It is both an economical, social and political crisis. During the economical forum in Davos, Switzerland , the specialists in economy didn't fail to draw the attention of the President Demirel on this point.

The external credits and the budget shorting are going up . The inflation increases dramatically, it has now reached its peak about 200°Io.

According to the International Institute of Peace, whose principal office is in Stockholm, the turkish military expenses are about 7 billion dollars per year, that's to say half of the national budget. Turkey is now in such a position that it can't even repay the interests of the credits. On this purpose, Miss Ciller, the Prime Minister, announced on November llth 1994, in a public meeting, that :"The interests of the borrowings have increased from 24 trillions TL `turkish lira' to 222 trillions TL, (or Sbillion dollars). We are now unable to refund . We borrow in order to pay the interests..." Turkey is in a fragile position during the meetings with the international financial organisations. The International Monetary Fund insists on the increase of prices. The government makes the people pay a hard bill of war. In that way,the price increases were decided in January 1994. In 1993, the devaluation of turkish money overcame the devaluation of Latin America's money. The report Of Swiss Bank Union labels Turkey among the unreliable states .Turkish economy is suffocated by the cost of eleven years of war. All the investments are fast "dead". A great number of economists and specialists , among them the turkish bosses, the TUSIAD, claim that turkish ecenomy can't have an improvment unless the kurdish question is solved.


Denying all the fundamental rights of kurdish people, the turkish totalitarian regime has a policy of total destruction in North-West Kurdistan. That's the reason for which there have ever been killings and they are a part of everyday life in Kurdistan.       That should be known that since the foundation of Turkish Republic in 1923 North-West Kurdistan has been governed by the turkish occupying power with Special Laws. Kurdish people never know or had the peace.  On April 1990, in order to prevent the Fight for National Liberation in Kurdistan frspreading to other areas, Ankara announced -besides the emergency state measures- several special decrees.These decrees enforce trhe power of the "super- governor" (a system dating back to 1987) of kurdish provinces under emergency state measures. Moreover these decrees legitimated the massive deportations and summary practices.  The purpose of the turkish government is to create buffer areas by deporting villages which resist against the opression on the one hand and those who have relationships with Resistance forces on the other hand.   Turkish army , to achieve its purpose, loots, sets fire to villages and mines roads after the deportation of the local population.The army kills the livestock , sets fields and forests into fire in order to create a " no-man's land ". By doing this it balances off the ecosystem in that area.  The inhabitants of the villages are systematically brutalized, tortured and even killed if they refuse to live their villages. Until today, more than 2.3 million people have been deported under miserable conditions. They are deprived of everything as the army destroyed all their properties. At first , the regions near to turkish-iranian border line and those near to Syria have been concerned by massive deportations. Then as far as the Fight for National Liberation of Kurdistan spread to other areas, the policy of devastation expanded to the 21 kurdish provinces. So some of the villages in Dersim and other frontier areas were submitted to the policy of dishumanisation or deportation. Such military operations could achieve their goals with no great difficulty for Turkey announced on August 1990 to European Council the adjournment of the European Convention of Human Rights in 13 kurdish provinces under the emergency state measures.The consequences of massive deportations included in turkish state's policy are really worrying. The number of destroyed villages in Turkey is much more important then those bombed by Saddam Hussein's army during the operation called "Anfall". In fact an estimated number of 3.5 million kurdish peasants have been deported from their villages to the cities where any measure was taken to shelter them. After the deportation operations the peasants are in complete misery since the government doesn't pay any indemnity to compensate the damages. Some of them urged to join the turkish metropoles like Istanbul, Izmir, Mersin hoping to find there rapidly a job while the others remain in slashytowns near kurdish cities like Hakkari, Van, Mus, Diyarbakir, Mardin. Their living conditions are under the level of extreme poverty. Everything is a lack: Water, lodginig, medical and schooling aid . These kurdish families have lost everything they had because of the damages made by turkish army. Some live in tents, some have no shelter and have to face bad weather and climatic changes.Winter is really har there, the temperatures reach their peak araund -35°C. During winter and springs of the year 1995 only 20% of the emergency necessities could be provided to the deported familles thanks to defense organisations for Human Rights in Kurdistan.Ostentatiously reformations of form or the "reformette" of Miss Ciller... Because of the criticisms and the pression of international organisations such as the European Council and the UEO's Assembly, Turkey tries , by the projects of constitutional changes during the last months, to fight against potential penalties. The projects of reformations announced by the turkish parliamentary delegation during the springs meeting of the European Council and the summit of UEO's Assembly on June don't even mention radical changes. The turkish political class can't apparently forget the 1982's militarist constitution written by the generals , the military regime of September 12st 1980. These projects bring only ostentatious changes only in the form or appearence and it is clear that any basical change. Yet a "reformette" can't bring democracy in Turkey. Turkey doesn't need a "reformette" but an important constitutional change, that's to say a constitution prepared by the constituent power . Besides the Minister for Culture  , aware of this fact,  tendered his resignation to the government of Miss Ciller on June 24th 1995. the Minister for Culture  announced that there was no hope for democracy with this government , because it allways suspend the discussions concerning the constitution revision. Unable to work under such conditions of constitution discussions' adjournment he thought that his resignation would be a better solution.Consequently                                                                                                                                                                                             it is out of question to                                                                                                                                                                                             ban the offence of thought or solve the kurdish question -important for the democaratisation proceedings in Turkey- only                                                                                                                                                                                             by increasing the number of the parliamentaries from 450 to 600 or set the coming of age in 18 instead of 21.


"Considering the fact that kurdish people has its own language, a common culture a history and a teritorial unity which are the bases of the concept of nation , The Movement for National Liberationrises up with all its forces regarding these realities in order to obtain the rights for the kurdish peopleadmitted for all the nations in the Chart of the United Nations." The front for National Liberation in Kurdistan is now developing the legitimate fight of the People which is now being known in the international sphere.

Neglecting the destiny of 30 million of souls on a territory about 520000 km2, in a such a fragile area - considering the international extent of the events in Kurdistan on the one hand, the silent genocide on the other hand - would interfere with the credibility of these institutions. Differing for a longtime in discussions and in studies on this subject would mean failing to the duties defined in the chart.


Consequently it would be discerning to enforce the rights and the principles deimed by international community and in particular in the Chart of United Nations which is as follows:"(chapter 1 ): One of the aims of the United Nations is the development- between Nations- of friendly relationships based on the respect of the equality principles concerning the rights of peoples and their right to self-determination." In the chapter of "international social and ecenomical cooperation" (chapter IX , clause n°55), we remark that the last part of this clause announces the"right for self-determination for the nations, the universal respect of Human Rights and Fundamental Liberties for everyone, without any distinction of race, of sexe, of language or religion." This has been enforced by the United Nations" in order to create the conditions of stability and welfare which are needed to develop pacific and friendly relationships based on the respect of the equality principle concerning the rights of peoples and their right to self-determination. " The war is against the interests of both turkish people and the kurdish people.


The kurdish people has been settling in Kurdistan for three thousend years. But it is deprived of its rights , even its existence is refused and denied by the ocupation powers. The foundation of Turkish Republic in 1923 changed nothing, on the contrary, the new turkish totalitarian constitution has worsened the status of the kurdish people.

The NAT04S pillar in the Middle-East due to its strategic situation , Turkey could violate the Human Rights and frighten the civilians. The destruction of 4000 villages, the deportation of a whole nation, the 20000 prisoners of thought tortured systematically eve'ryday, the arrestment of kurdish and turkish intellectuals , the summary killings by the attacks of the Death Squadrons are the concrete evidences showing the situation.

By ratifying the international conventions , the governments commit themselves to respect the conventions. Turkey has signed a great number of international conventions among which the United Nations' Chart, The Chart of Paris, and the European Convention for Safeguard of Human Rights and Fundamental Liberties. But the United Nations General Assembly passed a bill in 1960 concerning the decolonisation proceeding of peoples. Despite this , Turkey is breaking these conventions and laughs at the international institutions , injuring the reputation and the credibility of these institutions.

The kurdish people suggested many times the dialogue and the peace to Ankara's authorities. In that way, the PKK acted first by announcing an unilateral ceasefire which lasted 83 days. But Ankara accuses The Movement for National Liberation                                                                                                                                                                                             with separatism and considers it as the enemy of the territorial unity. As for the states preaching a political solution to the Kurdish question , they are examined critically and their way of acting is regarded as an interference[43] with turkish internal affairs.


This war is against the interests of both the Kurds and the Turks. Aware of this reality, the civilian society blamed and exposed the war and its consequences.

Anatolia is a mosaic of cultures and peoples suych as the Turks, Kurds, Arabics, Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians, and the others? These nations have lived together for centuries on the same country. They can't go on living together without the respect and the admission of their neighbours.

Turkey considers itself as a democratic , laic state, which enforces no particular etnical or religious group. Yet the persons who are not from turkish extraction have no other right as remaining silent. Yesterday, the West was silent on the violations of Human Rights because of the fear for communism, today the islamic fundamentalism frightens and some have the same behaviour. The agreement to see an antidemocratic Turkey as a member of International Organisations brings to debate the question of the attachment of these states to basic principles of democracy. That's why if the international institutions wish to keep their credibility alive , they should look over the respect or not of the minimal democratic standards by their members .


Concrete penalties and acts are needed. That's only under such conditions that the turkish state will be obliged to take the way of the democracy.

Convinced that the democracy in Turkey needs a pacific and political solution of the kurdish problem, the international institutions should judiciously take into consideration The Movement for National Liberation suggestions for peace.


Therefore the United Nations , whose task is the safeguard of the peace and the security in the world, shall take every useful and necessary measures in order to establish a peaceful climax and find a political solution to the kurdish question.


VI°) proposals....that:

Considering seriously the precedent remarks, it is highly important

-Regarding the gravity of the situation because of the war, a delegation to be appointed in order to make an inventory of the urgency needs of the civilians.

- The United Nations , the international and national institutions as far as the local administrations provide an efficient aid.

- In the international sphere, every measure should be taken to bring the refugees back to their home with all the security guarantees.

- We inform the defense organisations for Human Rights in order to provide necessary aid to the civilianbs and to find a sane solution to the problem.

-The International comunity must react against the measures opposed to the clause n'13 of the International Chart for Human Rights aiming at separating the Kurds from their national area, depriving the local rural kurdish populations from their incomes and creating a social class made of refugees, exiled persons living under the level of poverty , this in a periode of time where the economical development and stopping the rural exodus are regarded as the international priorities.

The international community must accept some resolutions and take the necessary measures in order to stop the collective repression of the kurdish civilians , this repression which is becoming more and more important in the context of war `de facto' in Kurdistan.


-The International Comunity blames the genocide onkurdish people . The turkish government is guilty .

-Its systematical and conscious policy for years have made hundred thousends Kurdish victims until today.

-The Subcommission for Human Rights recognizes the fight for National Liberation in Kurdistan.

-The Sub-commission for Human Rights appoints a special missioner for Kurdistan.

- The Sub-commission for Human Rights enforces the resolution 26125 on October 12nd 1970 of the United Nations General Assembly in Kurdish file concerning the right for self-determination and this legitimate right to be declared by the sub-commission.

-A special intermediary to be appointed, this mediator would be charged with meeting the two sides and convincing them. II is very high time that the democratic states used their power in the United Nations to change the regle of the international chess-party.

The Security Council of the United Nations , according to the Chart, studies the kurdish question and takes into consideration the suggestion of The Movement for National Liberation on the one hand, and the threat against the peace (the turkish attacks and the quarrelsome will of the turkish state) in order to organize an international conference on Kurdistan.

Dear  President G W Bush

As you can see as Mr  president USA first  the solution proposed by the Turkish and accession to the European Union for Kurdistan is not a realistic plan. Because Kurdistan is a colony. The market of Kurdistan has been exploited by Turkey Iran Iraq and Syria. That is why the entry of Turkey into the EU aims to use NATO forces against the resistance of Kurdistan; Despite that the CIA to the Pentagon its alliances with the Turkish armed forces and the support of 'Israel and military aid ten AWACS planes with the qualification shameful Dana Maria Perione Mec Machon and Ms. Rice led to the defeat of the Turkish army facing our armed resistance, which is not a terrorist; terrorist is the leader of the Turkish General Staff and the Turkish army>. Now the event millions of my people against colonialism and imperialism Turkish is a claim which is in line with international rights.

“Currently the Foreign Policy Program has four main project fields. In order to facilitate full accession to the European Union, the Foreign Policy Program are analysing several aspects of Turkey's accession process and the questions that have and will arise through this. Such topics include Turkey's affect on and harmonization with European Security and Defence Policy and the economic impact of Turkish accession. TESEV's Foreign Policy Program has sought to bring a solution to the Cyprus problem not only to smooth the progress of European accession but also to seek a peaceful solution for the Cypriots themselves. Thirdly, TESEV believe that the process of Middle Eastern democratization is of paramount importance for Turkey and the people of the region. The Foreign Policy Program is working with a number of partners to develop solutions to the regions problems and support internal democratisation efforts.Finally, the Foreign Policy Program has organised ad hoc projects on aspects of Turkish Foreign Policy, which warrant further study. “[44]

That is why the fact among participants in this conference any Kurdish was not invited / Former Minister of Justice of France Elisabeth Guigou is the head of Turkish lobby as Michael Rubin in the United States, these people home Jewish unconditionally supports the Kemalist policy which is an anti-Semitic policy. The Turkey during World War II, the Turkish government had established relations with Hitler had decided to build Fourres crematoria in the district of Balgat in Istanbul in 1934 at the time of Mustafa Kemal in 1934 there were concentration in the campes Askale 1920 and the Jews in Turkey were forced deportation and were sent to Argentina. In 1926 on the denunciation of Ismet Inonu, former minister of Jewish origin Djavid Bey were tried and sentenced to death by Mustafa Kemal who was also of Jewish origin. That's why the (alliance of Jews with Turkish reminds us of the presence of 150000 Jews in the Nazi army that Hitler slaughtered Jews 6000000.


 Dear  President G W Bush


        «TESEV has organized an international conference with IFRI [45](Institut français des relations internationales), one of the leading think-tanks in France about the relations between Turkey, EU and France. In her keynote speech, Elisabeth Guigou, the Former Minister of Justice in France, currently the Vice President of Foreign Affairs Commission and Deputy of Seine-Saint-Denis clearly expressed her opposition to the idea of privileged partnership status. Guigou stated that there is a priviliged partnership between Turkey and the EU for 40 years now and it would be meaningless to propose this idea as it is a new proposal.

Elizabeth Guigou continued her speech stressing one of the common talking points for all the speakers, the communication problem. It was further expressed by the French speakers who attended the conference that the French public opinion about Turkey can be described as misled and prejudiced considering the low level of information they have regarding Turkey's membership to the EU. Elisabeth Guigou further stated that the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership which would be an efficient mechanism when evaluated as a separate initiative was wrongly opposed after it was presented as an alternative to Turkey's membership. »

Entirely convinced that such initiatives will contribute to increase the prestige and the credibility of the United Nations Organisation , we think that it would be convenient to take measures in that way.


Dear President G W Bush

You summers President of the USA and your state to the Security Council of the United Nations you have any opportunity to seize the Security Council for the implementation of the UN Declaration of 1960 granting independence to the people Kurdistan. As you know we are a divided nation in the Middle East. We are the richest country in terms of sources of oil. The political unification of Kurdistan is a historical reality of our century. In a sense the question of Kurdistan is not the internal matter of Turkey from Iran and Syria or the iraq. ; The issue of Kurdistan is an international issue. The proposal of   DPT  on the democratic autonomy is a policy of annexation of Kurdistan which corresponds to the needs imperialists of the Turkish State. Because we believe that the fundamental issue of political principle and essential "without annexations or contributions"  Requires giving the definition of annexation attached only to the territories after the declaration of the current war is not valid for the Kurdistan. were declared annexed territories all those whose population in recent decades (since the second half of the nineteenth century), expressed his dissatisfaction of linking its territory to another state, or its location in a given State -- that this dissatisfaction is expressed in the press, in the decisions of dieting, municipalities, assemblies and other similar bodies in the diplomatic or political acts, raised by the national movement in these territories, in conflicts, collisions , domestic disturbances, and so on.

1) Official recognition the situation  colonial of the Kurdistan and  for the entire nation (not sovereign), as a nation of Kurdistan part of a belligerent countries given the right to freely dispose of itself, up to the separation and the formation of a State independent; 2) the right to self-provision is made by a referendum of the entire population of the territory that decides their fate; 3) the geographical boundaries of that territory are set by the democratically elected representatives of the latter as well as neighbouring areas; 4) conditions that guarantee the right of the nation to freely dispose of herself:

A) withdrawal of Turkish troops and Arab Persian beyond the limits of the territory that decides their fate;

B) facility in the territory designated refugees and residents expelled by the authorities since the start of the war;

C) establishment in the territory in question of a provisional administration made up of democratically elected representatives of the Nation of Kurdistan who decides his fate, and having the right (among others) to apply.
The policy of Ocalan is a political pro Turkish he claims d) be a citizen of the fascist Turkish state, it refuses the political unification of Kurdistan; refuses to be a citizen of the State of Kurdistan  South. As a first step the manipulation of the masses to resolve certain issues but it does to the final solution. Our goal is the foundation of a unified Kurdistan; free and independent and democratic. In this sense, we will take diplomatic relations with all the peoples of the world. Mr President Bush if you intervene with the Security Council the implementation of the following statement that will be a contribution to human


Our proposals for a diplomatic solution international legal



A FIRST application of the programme  the universal realization of the right of peoples to selfdetermination enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations


«The General Assembly Reaffirming the importance, for the effective guarantee and observance of human rights, of the universal realization of the right of peoples to selfdetermination[46] enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations and embodied in the

International Covenants on Human Rights,[47]  as well as in the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples contained in General Assembly resolution 1514 (XV) of 14 December 1960,


Welcoming the progressive exercise of the right to self-determination by peoples under colonial, foreign or alien occupation and their emergence into sovereign statehood and independence,


Deeply concerned at the continuation of acts or threats of foreign military intervention and occupation that are threatening to suppress, or have already suppressed, the right to self-determination of peoples and nations,


Expressing grave concern that, as a consequence of the persistence of such actions, millions of people have been and are being uprooted from their homes as refugees and displaced persons, and emphasizing the urgent need for concerted international action to alleviate their condition,


Recalling the relevant resolutions regarding the violation of the right of peoples to self-determination and other human rights as a result of foreign military intervention, aggression and occupation, adopted by the Commission on Human Rights at its sixty-first[48] and previous sessions,


Reaffirming its previous resolutions on the universal realization of the right of peoples to self-determination, including resolution 61/150 of 19 December 2006,


Reaffirming also its resolution 55/2 of 8 September 2000, containing the United Nations Millennium Declaration, and recalling its resolution 60/1 of 16 September 2005, containing the 2005 World Summit Outcome, which, inter alia, upheld the right to self-determination of peoples under colonial domination and foreign occupation,

Taking note of the report of the Secretary-General,[49]


1. Reaffirms that the universal realization of the right of all peoples, including those under colonial, foreign and alien domination, to self-determination is a fundamental condition for the effective guarantee and observance of human rights and for the preservation and promotion of such rights;


2. Declares its firm opposition to acts of foreign military intervention, aggression and occupation, since these have resulted in the suppression of the right of peoples to self-determination and other human rights in certain parts of the world;


3. Calls upon those States responsible to cease immediately their military

intervention in and occupation of foreign countries and territories and all acts of

repression, discrimination, exploitation and maltreatment, in particular the brutal

and inhuman methods reportedly employed for the execution of those acts against

the peoples concerned;


4. Deplores the plight of millions of refugees and displaced persons who

have been uprooted as a result of the aforementioned acts, and reaffirms their right

to return to their homes voluntarily in safety and honour;


5. Requests the Human Rights Council to continue to give special attention

to the violation of human rights, especially the right to self-determination, resulting

from foreign military intervention, aggression or occupation;


6. Requests the Secretary-General to report on the question to the General Assembly at its sixty-third session under the item entitled “Right of peoples to selfdetermination”.[50]


 Mr President
In our letter to the French Minister of Justice Elisabeth Giugou in 1997 in connection with the suicide of a Kurdish activist Ramazan Aplarslan in a prison in France we have clarified that:

The Kurds are a people in their own right, the fourth largest in the region, estimated today, no doubt, nearly 40 -45  million just over half, about 25  million live in Turkey. All have strong sense of national identity, language, culture, their own history Who, and a homeland, I had to say one country, which was their for millennia, where they accounted for a large majority of the population. After the coming to power of Mustafa Kemal, Kurdistan has been split between several nations statements unit, which continues against the Kurds in different forms and degrees true, a policy of national oppression and underdevelopment, trying to total elimination or forced assimilation them as a distinct people. It is because they have been placed against their will and without having been consulted, under the jurisdiction of such totalitarian nation-states, that the Kurds are fighting for self-determination, for a form of state under the Federalism who devoted their national identity and ensure their economic and social progress.

Indeed, the Kurdistan is treated as a colony, occupied militarily and economically exploited without even a colonial status to be recognized by the United Nations. Indeed, we can say that this is a settlement practiced, outside any international control by totalitarian systems in fact, worse than the classic colonialism as it was formerly exercised by the Western Powers "(....) "This is a result of three quarters of a century of rebellion, repression and massacres da, is still relatively unknown or ignored by international opinion: A strange conspiracy of silence has continued to conceal this genocide. The various appeals to the United Nations, States, to the universal conscience launched by the oppressed people, doomed to extermination, have so far received no echo.[51] . Officially it is neither Kurds nor Kurdish Question in Turkey. An identical genocide has taken place since 1992 in Kurdistan of Turkey, storytelling Kurdish civilian population, the intention of the National Security Council and Turkish under the Anti Terrorist Act in April 1991. Turkey is indisputably governed by laws. Do I have to add that Germany was Hitler legislature? The Preamble, § 3 of the Universal Declarations of Human Rights declares the following: "Whereas it is essential that human rights should be protected by a rule of law so that human being not con t train, Supreme resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression. ". The Act is to be based on the broad principles of justice and fairness any rebellion against tyranny is legitimate. It is in this sense that the PKK is leading the fight against National Liberation Army colonialist and fascist Turkey to free the people of Kurdish Jung colonial such as General De Gaulle who had led the armed struggle against occupation and fascist Hitler against Nazism for the liberation of France. But the Nazis accused General Charles De Gaulle and french resistance as "terrorists", while the terrorists were Nazis. Today on behalf of which the judge Ricard practice injustice against the Kurds who were persecuted by the Turkish fascist regime who fled oppression? This practice does not represent the participation of the French legal responsibility to direct oppression whose Kurdish people has been the subject? How Justice becomes injustice? How the judge becomes criminal and torturer? How innocent it becomes guilty will be sentenced for crimes he never committed? Why do the Kurds in France are the subject of state terrorism practiced by your judges and by the Section of the Anti Terrorist Parquet de Paris? What determines the nature of the judiciary and the enforcement of the criminal procedure applied to the Kurds in France?  - he is a difference with the practice of systematic torture by the torturers against Turkish Kurdish and between those practices RICARD Judge? Does this have trade relations between France and Turkey, arms sales and helicopters and planes bombing of the French chemical weapons used by Turkey against the Kurds that determine the practices of Judge Jean Francois Ricard? Yes or No? If yes Madam Minister how you are going to ensure that the law ensures both the distinct identity inalienable and constraints of the necessary common life in which the Kurds live in France? How aptly combine freedom and equality, freedom and constraint? What criteria set for a judicious harmony between right and rights goal of the existence of the Kurdish people? If not, how you are going to explain the responsibility of States and especially french of the State in terms of international law?

As you know Madam Minister, the Kurds, a people without a state, are not subject in law to international law, as a community in its own ethno-cultural, as well as any people during the same can not conditions. Ils s' submit themselves to the organs of the United Nations, the General Assembly, at the Security Council or the Economic and Social Council (CEOSOC) to ensure that justice is done them. Officially, the United Nations unaware of the existence of the Kurds, who are considered citizens of Turkey Iran, Iraq to Syria or may be subjected to Russia such as the domestic laws of sovereign states to which they belong. These states are masters of their legislation and their police, the member states of the United Nations, represented by their respective governments, can be democratic, more or less democratic, dictatorial, guilty of grave violations of human rights, or even genocide, it is without importance. Long as such violations will not be officially recognized, the authors continue to enjoy the membership of the Club, with all the consideration due to them from the Ministries of Europe. Only states may seek to bring an issue to the order of the day among organs of the United Nations, which is a policy decision in itself. Members of the body, by another in which your intervene commercial considerations, diplomatic, strategic and others can accept it or not this issue be put on the agenda.

As you know Madam Minister, since the adoption of the Declaration on the ONU on  the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples clearly demonstrate whenever people have resisted pressure from neo-colonialism, they have triumphed and were released. Article 1 of the Declaration of the Granting of Independence Countries and Peoples Colonisés, December 4, 1960, refers to "The subjection of peoples to a bid, domination and exploitation constitutes a denial of fundamental human rights, is contrary with the Charter of the United Nations and is an impediment to the progress of peace in the world and its mutual "The article continues this statement as well:" All peoples have the right to self-determination under the right they freely choose their status  the policies and lead their development économic~ ~ kç, social and cultural '~ Article 4 adds "" Any military action or repressive measure and some so whatever, directed against non-independent peoples must cease in order to enable them to function freely and peacefully their right to complete independence and the integrity of their national territory must be respected. "

But why the United Nations should help them to the liberation of peoples and territories only under Western domination or European? Why colonialism would it only the fault of a number of European powers industrially advanced? We usually call colonialism official, the other form is such that one can find in states in the Third World, the shameful colonialism. . Right to self-defined by the United Nations and a doctrine depth is universal. Because the right of peoples and nations to self-determination has become a universally recognized principle of law international.ll,  means not only the right of every people to elect the form of state leadership he regards as relevant to its development, but also the obligation of other states and peoples to give the people in question assistance in the realization of their right to self-determination.

   The question that arises Minister what is the responsibility of States to the Security Council of the United Nations vis-à-vis the situation of Kurdistan in accordance with the United Nations Charter and the Declaration on progress and development as well as two Additional Protocols to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, adopted in 1977 represent an undeniable progress of humanitarian law?


The Protocol I relating to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflicts, recognized as such "armed conflicts in which peoples are fighting against colonial domination and alien occupation and against racist regimes in the exercise of the right of peoples to self-determination, enshrined in the United Nations Charter .. "So what is France's policy in relation to the Kurdish Question?

Protocol II deals with non-international armed conflicts and apply to the conflict "occurring in the territory of a High Contracting Party between its armed forces and dissident armed forces or other organized armed groups which, under the leadership of responsible command, exercise on part of its territory control . "

Secondly, the first chapter of the United Nations Charter which states that "one of the purposes of the United Nations is to develop among nations friendly relations based on respect for the principle of equal rights of peoples and their right to self-determination. "means that" the right to self-determination for all peoples and the promotion of universal respect for and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex , language or religion. "That encourages the UN"

View to creating conditions of stability and well-being necessary to ensure among nations peaceful and friendly relations based on respect for the principle of equal rights of peoples and their availability to themselves. "Emphasis should be placed on the right to self determination of the Kurdish nation.

Third, the fundamental document that contains the universally agreed definition of development is the Declaration on the progress and development in the social sphere, adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations In 1969.Elle proclaims: "The development and progress dabs the social sphere are based on respect for the dignity and worth of the human person and must ensure the promotion of human rights and social justice, which requires:

A) The immediate and permanent elimination of all forms of inequality, exploitation of peoples and individuals, colonialism, racism including Nazism and apartheid and any other political ideology contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations[52]»


Dear  President George William Bush


 , In accordance with the Charter of the United application we ask for the resolution 2142 (XXI). Elimination of ail forms of racial Discrimination

to the conditions of the nation of Kurdistan colonized by the colonialist states; Turkey, Iran and Syria.


The General Assembly,

Recalling its resolutions 1905 (XVIII) of 20 November 1953 and 2017 (XX) of 1 November 1965 on measures to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of Ail Forms of Racial Discrimination,


Recalling also its resolution 2106 A (XX) of 21 December 1965, in which it adopted and opened for signature the International Convention on the Elimination of  the Forms of Racial Discrimination,


Noting the information in the report of the Secretary General,[53] furnished in accordance with Economic and Social Council resolution 1076 (XXXIX) of 28 July 1965 and General Assembly resolution 2017 (XX) on the action taken by Member States, the United Nations, the specialized agencies and regional inter-governmental organizations and directed towards the implementation of the Declaration,


Noting also that a seminar on the elimination of ail forms of racial discrimination is to be held, under the programme of advisory services in the field of human rights, in 1968,


Noting further that the Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities is undertaking a special study of racial discrimination in the political, economic, social and cultural fields, and has already appointed a Special Rapporteur for that purpose,


Reaffirming that racial discrimination and apartheid are denials of human rights  and fundamental freedoms and of justice and are offences against human dignity,


Recognising that racial discrimination and apartheid, wherever they are practised, constitute a serious impediment to economic and social development and are obstacles to international co-operation and peace,


Deeply concerned that racial discrimination and apartheid, despite the decisive  condemnation of them by the United Nations, continue to exist in same countries and territories,


Convinced of the urgent necessity to further measures to attain the goal of the complete elimination of all forms of racial discrimination and apartheid,


1. Condemns, wherever they exist, ail policies and practices of apartheid, racial discrimination and segregation, including the practices of discrimination inherent in colonialism;


2. Reiterates that such policies and practices an the part of any Member State are incompatible with the obligations assumed by it under the Charter of the  United Nations;

3, Calls again upon all States in which racial discrimination or apartheid is practised to comply speedily and faithfully with the United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and with the above-mentioned resolutions and ail other pertinent resolutions of the General Assembly, and to take ah necessary stops, including legislative measures, for this purpose;


4. Calls upon all eligible States without delay to sign and ratify or to accede to the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forma of Racial Discrimination;


5. Call upon  Member States which have not already done so to initiate appropriate programmes of action to eliminate racial discrimination and apartheid, including in particular the promotion of equal opportunities for educational and vocational training, and guarantees for the enjoyment, without distinction on grounds of race, colour or ethnic origin, of basic human rights such as the rights to vote, to equality in the administration ai justice, to equal economic opportunities and en equal access to social services;


6. Appeals to  Member States that, in combating discriminatory practices  education and culture should ho directed, and mass media and literary creation should be encouraged, towards removing the prejudices and erroneous beliefs, such as the belief in the superiority aï one race over another, which incite such practices;


7. Requests the Member States which have not yet replied to  the Secretary-General’s  inquiry as to the measures  they have taken to  implement the Declaration to do so without delay;


8..Proclaims  21 March as International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination;


9. Requests the Secretary-General to submit to the General Assembly at its twenty-second session a report an the implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of All  Forms of Racial Discrimination and the International Convention au the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, and an the implementation of the provisions of the present resolution»[54]


2144 (XXI). Question of the violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms, including policies of racial discrimination and segregation and of apartheid, in ail countries, with particular- reference to colonial and other dependent counts-les and territories


The General Assembly,

Noting Economic and Social Council resolution[55]


Confirming that the United Nations has a fundamental interest in combating policies of apartheid and that, as a matter of urgency, ways  and means  must he devised for their elimination

Bearing in mind the obligation of all  Member States  under Article 56 of the Charter of the United Nations to take joint and separate action in co-operation  with the Organization far the achievement of the purposes set forth in Article 55, which include the promotion of universal respect far, and observance of  human rights and fundamental  freedoms for all without distinction as  to race, sex, language or religion,


Convinced that gross violations of the rights and fundamental  freedoms set forth in the Universal Declaration of Roman Rights continue to occur in certain countries, especially in colonies and dependent territories, involving discrimination an grounds  of race, colour, sex, language  and religion , and the suppression of freedom of  expression and opinion, the right to life, liberty and security of person and the right to protection by independent and impartial judicial organs, and that these violations are designed to stifle the legitimate struggle of the people far independence and human  dignity


Recalling the Declaration  on the Granting of independence to Colonial  Countries and Peoples and the United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of All forms of Racial Discrimination”»[56]


Mr President of the USA

In the history of humankind the individual is mortal; to be history it is necessary to materialize universal values to contribute to history as a human being became immortal, looms over the story. This case Individual human history is unique and so universal


In 1854, the president of USA informed the Duwamish Indians of the Plains in the north-west that the government proposed to buy their land. The Indians, the first inhabitants of America who had always lived in harmony with nature, they could never oppose this "conquest". The head of the Duwamish tribe of Seattle gave a speech in response to the proposed purchase of government


«Each parcel of this land is sacred to my people. Each shiny pine needle, every sandy shore, every clearing and every buzzing insect is holy in the memory and experience of my people. The sap that flows through the trees carries the memories of the red man. The deaths of White Men forget the country of their birth when they go to walk among the stars. Our dead never forget this beautiful earth, as it is the mother of the Red Man. We are a part of this land, and it is part of us. The perfumed flowers are our sisters, the deer, the horse, the great eagle, are our brothers. The rocky crests, the juices in the near, the heat of the pony, and the man all belong to the same family.


We know that the white man does not understand our morals; For him a piece of land looks to the next because it is an alien who comes in the night and takes to land what he needs. The earth is not his sister but his enemy, and when he won, exhausted, it goes further. It also abandons the land of his ancestors, and it does not tracasse more. It removes the land to his children, and it does not tracasse more. The tomb of his ancestors, and the heritage of her children fall into oblivion. He treats his mother, the earth, and his brother, the sky, as things to buy, steal, sell, like sheep or bright beads. His appetite devour the earth and will leave behind him a desert.


But if we sell our land, you must remember that the air is precious, he shared his mind with everything he does live. The wind that gave my grandfather his first breath also received his last sigh. And if we sell our land, you must keep it apart and hold them sacred, as a place where even the white man can go to taste the wind softened by the meadow flowers. We therefore consider your offer to buy our land. But if we decide to accept it, I put one condition: the White Man should treat animals of this land as his brothers.

I am a savage and do not know other ways of living.»[57]

For me, these words of head Seettle American Indians have historical value, but the President of the United States has not responded, I believe that the tragedy of India is the same tragedy of the Kurds. I know that you are believers, but my religion is the religion of Settle, the Turks were unable to enter the region of Dersim in Northern Kurdistan for four centuries and the first mosque was founded in 1957 1986 six persons practicing Islam in the Dersim city with military assistance you have given to the State colonialist; The Turkish State bombed our sacred mountains. The colonialist Turkish State has decided to build eight dams on the sacred river Mounzoue eight dams, which has a length of 85 km. The valley of Monnzour was admitted as World Heritage natural park world.


We are not Muslims. Our religion is a practical philosophy between natural Mythra and Zoroastrisme. The content of the inscriptions Ourartiques of VIII century before jesus Christ in  the province of Dersim justify the identification of religious practices in our region and in Kermanchah the region of Kurdistan Oriental? The policy of colonialism Turkish dams do is remove this culture three millennium. That is why you are president of the USA if you bring the issue of Kurdistan to the Security Council of the United Nations will represent a historical and humanitarian.


First, it is a criticism of Henry Kissinger [58], Adviser to the President of the United States for national security from 1969 to 1975, in his book "The years of renewal" , in the Part of the "tragedy of the Kurds' he wrote," The gods smiled does not friends of America in the spring 1975.Au precise moment when the Congress engaged the people of the yoke of communism in Indochina, the Shah of Iran let the Iraqi Kurds defenceless against the regime in Baghdad controlled radical if not yet officially headed by Saddam Hussein”


Contrary to the analysis of Mr. Kissinger, we are not in conditions of the time,, For Henry Kissinger, "The American commitment comes from two directions, ideological and strategic. The tradition wilsonienne us to support national self-determination, but it also creates what seems poised to become the eternal dilemma of American politics: the limits of its obligations in areas too remote and inaccessible that the Kurdish enclaves, in the heart of that country profoundly affect American national interests. How to define the moment when the full support for the aspirations of the Kurds must be replaced by their abandonment in a region that form the backbone of the growing strategic Middle Eastern oil and holder of the Persian Gulf? the  problem has proved more complex than the American aid could not reach the Kurdish areas than in the territory of countries allies of the United States - Iran during the Ford, Turkey during one of Clinton. But the objective that these countries share with America (prevent a communist regime, or at least hostile, to put their hands on the Kurdish enclaves) that was common to a certain extent. Neither iran. Years 1970, Turkey nor the 1990's were in fact the slightest interest in seeing nationalism engulf their own Kurdish population, and they were not willing to cede their minority in a unified Kurdish state, At the same time, both countries occupied a central place in the overall strategy of America.


Mr President of the USA

I think that the thesis of Mr. Kissinger and Mr. James Baker are devoid of any foundation of international law and which do not lay ^ corresponding to the reality of Kurdistan. But your speech to the Council of the United Nations Security allow consideration of the right to self-determination to the nation of Kurdistan to benefit The right to self-determination which is the first collective right that can perform all others. It is recognized in international instruments as an attribute of all oppressed peoples and oppressed nations as in the case of the nation of Kurdistan and is seen as an essential tool for survival and the integrity of their societies and cultures.

The recognition that they have this right as "oppressed nation" is important because it establishes the fact that by virtue of their status as a people and not under delegated authority of the States colonialists

The recognition of the right to self-determination of the Kurdish nation is, for the oppressed peoples colonized, a way to be recognized their status of Kurdistan colonial to beneficiet of déclatation of the 1960 with the same rights as other peoples of the earth , neither more nor less. It is the recognition of their dignity as people (vg Article 1.2 of the United Nations Charter (5): "To develop among nations friendly relations based on respect for the principle of equal rights of peoples and their right to self-determination of peoples and to take other appropriate measures to strengthen universal peace "

As you know Mr. President,  Self-determination is first and foremost the ability of a people to choose the policy framework more conducive to the economic, social and cultural development. This vision of self-determination is very close to the actual text of Article 1 of the two Covenants. It is also closely linked to the right of the people to have themselves.


While awaiting your decision please rest assured Mr President the assurances of my highest consideration.











[1] I apologize Mr. President GW Bush This is the first time that I was drawing up a letter in English and I made only two months of a communication training English in 1989 forgive me for the mistakes I did not ask for help from others in the correction.


[2] The  Day of  Newroz not   celebrated in Kurdistan Mr President?

[3] Text of President Bush's Message on Nowruz

[4] Masoud Barzani was elected President of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq by the Kurdistan National Assembly in June 2005. Masoud Barzani was born on the day that the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) was founded, 16 August 1946. In his words, "I was born in the shadow of the Kurdistan flag in Mahabad (Iran) and I am ready to serve and die for that same flag."

At the time of his birth, President Barzani’s father, the late Mustafa Barzani, was head of the military of the short-lived Kurdish Republic of Mahabad that was declared in Kurdistan in Iran. When the Republic fell, Mustafa Barzani fled to the USSR with five hundred devoted followers. When he returned to Iraq 12 years later, he, the rest of his family and thousands of members of the Barzani clan were promptly deported to the southern parts of the country.

An avid pupil, Masoud Barzani began his primary education at an early age and developed a love of books and learning. With the overthrow of the Iraqi monarchy in 1958, the new Republic of General Abdulkarim Qasim welcomed Mustafa Barzani and his followers back to Iraq. Masoud Barzani was 12 years old when he was finally reunited with his father.

The family moved back to their home village of Barzan, where they found their homes in ruins. Soon afterwards the Iraqi government resumed its repression against the people of Kurdistan. With no alternative, in 1961 the KDP, under the leadership of Mustafa Barzani, launched an armed struggle to defend the rights of the people of the Region.

At the age of 16, Masoud Barzani sacrificed his education and joined the Peshmerga forces. The young Barzani was deeply influenced by the valour, leadership skills and compassion of his father. President Barzani’s experiences in the mountains of Kurdistan were to provide him with the skills that were to later propel him to the leadership of Kurdistan's movement.

It was not long before the KDP leadership noticed the younger Barzani’s qualities, and he, together with his late, elder brother Idris, took part in the delegation that signed an autonomy agreement with Baghdad in March 1970. When the Iraqi government once again reneged on its pledges, the Kurdistan armed struggle resumed. Once again, Masoud Barzani took part at the side of his father.

After the death of Mustafa Barzani in March 1979, Masoud was elected as the new president of the KDP at the party’s 9th congress. Since then he has been re-elected as the KDP’s President in each successive congress.

Although Masoud Barzani did not have the opportunity to complete his education, his interest in reading and studying political and military affairs has helped him to keep abreast of international developments. His love of reading and football is well known.

He is married with eight children. He speaks Kurdish, Arabic and Persian and has an understanding of English.


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