Throughout history, Syria has been proud of its national unity formed out of the diversity und multi-ethnicity of its population and moulded over thousands of years in an environment of mutual tolerance harmony and understanding. This is reflected in our legislative structure, which does not allow for discrimination on ethnic, religious or sectarian grounds.

Kurds in Syria form port and parcel of the Syrian matrix, and their role in Syrian public life have left a deep imprint.

Many Syrians of Kurdish origin played and continue to play leading roles in helping to build the country. Several of them rose to the highest positions such as:

One of the outstanding sources of Syrian`s pride is the presence in Damascus of the remains of the Great Islamic Leader, Salaheddin (Saladin) and it's surrounding monument.

Although part of Syrian society, some Kurds have experienced difficulties with regard to the issue of citizenship. Originally, this issue came to the fore when many Kurds fled neighbouring countries seeking refuge from conflict, oppression and discriminations.

While the granting of official citizenship is the sovereign right of States and is exercised in accordance with its interests, the appropriate authorities in Syria are doing their best to deal with this issue on humanitarian basis. In this regard, the decision was recently taken to grant citizenship to forty thousand Kurds who had sought refuge in Syria.

Instead of being the subject of misguided or malicious attacks, Syria should be given credit for harbouring those refugees and making as comfortable as possible their stay and living conditions in contrast to the behaviour of other countries.