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                                          Special letter
The most powerful man on the earth
President George W Bush the president of USA
Greeting and respect...
I am not quite sure if you would read my letter in respect to your valued time.
I feel that writing to the most powerful man in the world is my only choice.
Therefore I want to introduce myself first:
I am a Kurdish women writer from northern Iraq- Kurdistan-51 years old.. regarding to the unfair map.
Kurdish people whom want to live like all other nations in the world. We do have a cultural say, that the Kurds have no friends, mountains are the only friends of Kurds.
So far that wisdom became a sort of reality as they practiced their hard suffering life
Along time the Kurdish walked and fought to get their freedom. Often they lose there wealth life and dreams.
Now; I am glad to see that they have some help. I think you are the best whom dealt with the Kurdish question so far in respect of transgressing their boundaries; therefore the Kurds really appreciate USA help and interaction aspect.
Honestly I am still warring about the results of Iraqi conflict and the impact on Kurdish dilemma..?
I do have a fear because we often been betraided; in the end we find no one to listen to our weeping; our voice remain unheard.
I beg you to help us; don't make us the sacrifice for Turkeys Iraq and Iran's interests and business.
If you listen to the Kurdish National Anthem; you would know how much pain and agony we've suffered.
Recently you've said that "the freedom is sanclifled man mast defend for"
I would like to see USA support and interaction summit with Kurds; let us illuminate our future and help to build new system on the entire region.
                                         The voice of the people is the voice of the good
With best wishes
Sarfraz Nakshabandy



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