Adnan Hassnpour, and Hiwa Botimar must be freed now


By: Steve Tataii

July 22, 2007


Adnan Hassnpour, and Hiwa Botimar must be freed now without any further interrogation because they have committed no crime against the Islamic Republic. All citizens, and especially journalists have the right to express their opinion, and raise human rights' questions. These two, and others should be praised for their efforts in bringing to the attention of the Islamic Republic the ongoing injustices and intentional suppression against the proud, and peace loving Kurdish communities. I demand that the Islamic Republic take action against their responsible employees, who have created chaos, abusing Iran's Justice system, and are in dereliction of their duties. This, and other un-Islamic actions shall only fuel the hatred of all peace loving peoples in defense of long suppressed Kurdish people & their ethnic identity, and it will deteriorate the already negative publicity about the Great peoples of Iran at their attempts to live side by side, without any interrelated community sense of animosity toward one another. The Islamic Republic Regime should help these communities to advance their global cause not only in Iran, but throughout the world, and become an outstanding example among Countries with ancient civilizations, and ultimate sense of human qualities, which has always been the essence of the teachings in true Islam for over 1400 years. Iranians should be in that front rank, where Islam says: "Killing one innocent human being is like killing the entire humanity". Unfortunately this is not being demonstrated by trying to execute two more innocent, and dedicated members of their jurisdiction based on being Kurds, and perhaps Sunni, and shall not strengthen the relationship between the Great peoples, and the regime. 



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