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Paris 21-8-2007
 Hunger strike of Kurdish journalists Adnan Hasanpour and Hiwa Boutimar
        The regime of Iran is responsible for the life of Kurdish journalists
Kurdish journalists Adnan Hasanpour and Hiwa Boutimar, who were condemned to death by Islamic republic of Iran, are in their 38th hunger strike day and their health condition is tragic.
According to news received by Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) Adnan Hasanpourís and Hiwa Boutimarís lawyers had a short meeting with them first time after the execution verdict on August 18, 2007. The health condition of Kurdish journalists according to lawyers is catastrophe.
During last 38 days, the Islamic Republic of Iran has silent the hanger strike of Adnan Hasanpour and Hiwa Boutimar. They only drink water. The authorities of Islamic regime have prevented them using sugar in their drink. The regime of Iran has set Kurdish journalist to the slaw and silent death.
PDKI condemns the unfortunate situation of Kurdish journalistsí health condition. We call International Community, International Organisations, Journalist without Border and all human rights defenders to make action preventing the death of Kurdish journalist and make pressure on Islamic Republic to free Adnan Hasanpour and Hiwa Boutimar and other Kurdish political imprisons.
Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan
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