Freedom for the right of opinion

Freedom for a free word





Adnan Hassanpur, the journalist, and Abdulwahed Botimar (Heewa), the activist of Human Right Watches, both have been arrested for about eight months by the Iranian repressive authority. Besides, the judge of the Islamic court issued a decission on July18, 2007 to sentence both of them to death. As a result, the authority has put them in a singl prison awaiting for the execution of death penalty.

It is really a shame for our civil world where man is subjected to death because of his thought and free opinion.

All of us know that the international laws and the principles of human rights preserve one's opinion right at the the time no government in this world has the right to violate this sacred opinion right or to hide it owing to its racial interests.

In this case, we, as editors of several Kurdish magazines and journals which are issued in Syria, we condemn this unjust decision of the Iranian authority, and we raise our voice to give an appeal to the international organisations and human right watches all over the world to stand against this inhuman decision, on one hand, and the have to do their best as possible as they can to set them free on the other.


Life for freedom of opinion


Syria 3. 9. 2007


Editors of the following journals

1. Gulistan

2. Gelawj

3. Pirs

4. Jn

5. Perwan

6. Roj

7. Aso

8. Deng

9. Vn

10. Newroz






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