A Call for Poems for the

International PEN Tokyo Congress Commemorative Poetry Anthology


  To poets who are members of an International PEN centre:

 We at the Japan P.E.N. Club are looking forward to seeing you at International    PEN Congress Tokyo 2010. In conjunction with this congress, the Japan P.E.N.  Club has asked its poet members to assist in the publication of a poetry anthology consistent with the congress theme of The Environment and Literature What can words do?

Kurdish PEN Center


Because Writers Speak Their Minds: Latest News - 10 June 2010

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  • News from ... English PEN: the inaugural English PEN student group, based at King's College London, performed Another Sky: Voices of Conscience from Around the World on 30 March 2010.


Students from King's College London performed extracts from English PEN's anthology Another Sky, a collection of writings from prison around the world, first performed at the National Theatre, on 30 March 2010. The English PEN student group at King's College London work in collaboration with English PEN, campaigning and letter writing on behalf of persecuted Sri Lankan journalists all year.

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         News from ...Sydney PEN: Sydney PEN ran two events at the Sydney Writers' Festival in May 2010, PEN Gives Voice, hosted by John Ralston Saul, and The Painted Chairs.

John Ralston Saul, President of International PEN, led an all-star line-up of authors reading works by writers imprisoned for their words. PEN Gives Voice featured Colm Tóibín, Eric Lax, Yiyun Li, Thomas Keneally, Frank Moorhouse, Larissa Behrendt and Peter Carey. The Painted Chairs is an installation of fourteen empty chairs painted by major Australian Artists, including Ken Done and Cressida Campbell.


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         News from ... Suisse Romande PEN: Suisse Romande PEN collected hundreds of signatures at their stand at the Geneva International Books and Press Fair on behalf of imprisoned writers in China and Vietnam, including Nguyen Chi Thien (1971).

At the Geneva International Books and Press Fair (28 April - 2 May 2010) Suisse Romande PEN used their information stand to collect signatures in support of Trn Khai Thanh Thuy and Pham Thanh Nghin in Vit Nam, and He Depu and Liu Xiaobo in China and to promote the work of imprisoned Vietnamese and Chinese writers including the Vietnamese poet Nguyen Chi Thien (1971). Honorary members of Suisse Romande PEN include Sihem Bensedrine (2001).

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