Dear Ms. Shamzin Jihani

The following is the status of 193 Iranian Kurdish refugees stranded between Jordan-Iraq border since Jan 2005.

There are, 99 children. 37 mothers and 57 men have been leaving in a harsh condition since Janurary of 2005 in an area called No Man's Land, located between Jordan & Iraq border for the almost 3 years.

These Iranian Kurds all are from Al-Tash refugee camp in Ramadi, Iraq. Non are members of MEK.  All together are 29 families and 9 single men.

UNHCR policy is to prevent these refugees from entering Jordan for fear of pull factor, therefore, they do not recognize these Iranian families as refugee to conduct RSD (Resettlement Status Determination) even thought they receive UNHCR document while there were in Al-Tash refugee camp.

The only solution UNHCR they have offered is to send them back to Kawa in northern Iraq. But due to destabilization and lack of security, they fear in returning back to Iraq. Also 50% are members of Ahle- Hagh faith, a non-Muslim religious minority. Most of muslims consider them infidels or Yazidies.

On August 14, 2007, the largest suicide killing more than 600 Eizadies (Yazidies) in northern Iraq shows that non-Muslims in Iraq are not safe.

I would appreciate your assistance in this humanitarian matter, by revealing their condition and suffering to Human rigths organizations and International asscociation of Journalist.

We would like International organizations to write King Abdullah II and Queen Rania about these refugees so they can enter Jordan for UNHCR processing.

Please let me know if you need addional information

Bahman Maalizadeh
Norooz Foundation
Sweden GSM _46-73-771-9465
USA     GSM  1-704-408-1646
Jordan GSM + 962-77-638-5002

Key principles contacts

UNHCR in Geneva Vincent Coshtel +41-22-739-8628 or 8133
UNHCR in Geneva Radhoune Nouicer  Dir Bureau Middle-east  +41-22-739-
UNHCR in Geneva Andrew Harper Iraq-Jordan Senior  officer +41-22-739-8105

UNHCR in Amman Jordan officer Emran Riza 962-6-550-2030
UNHCR in Amman Iraq  senior office Mr. Janvier de Reidmatten +962-6-510-0464

Queen Rania's office Chief of Staff She is very familiar with this issue
Ms. Hale Latouf  +962-5-550-4150 office

King Abdullah II office Director of His office

Refugees committee

Azad   962-777-989053 or 962-777-975499

attachment are some letters & pictures regarding these refugees. Please let me know if you need any other information's.

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